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Yul Edochie Is Certain That Politics Won’t End His Acting Career

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For some months now, Veteran actor Yul Edochie has been relentlessly making efforts to win the hearts of his people, asking them to give the youths a chance to make a change in this era.

“Politicians have failed us‎ so, I’m in the race to touch the lives of Anambra people positively. Always remember that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The problems of Anambra people have reached the last bus stop. I joined the race to harness the creative potentials of the youths and the resource-endowment of Anambra and move the state to the next level of development,” he told Inside Nollywood.

On what becomes of his acting career once he moves into  politics,  Actor Yul Edochie reassured:

“It will not stop my acting career at all. I intend to combine both roles effectively. However, I’m willing to jettison actingin order to face governance for four years should it be required of me.

“An actor also has a right to contest for public office like every other citizen of Nigeria. So, I think the fact that I’m an actor is a major plus, not a setback.”


  1. politics is power,while entertainment is fun, the choice is yours

  2. He should better decide now on which he wants

  3. Bomb because he have not see money


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