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Updated 2017 – Download WhatsApp latest Version – www.whatsapp.com – Many people find it very difficult to download and install Whatsapp on their mobile phone or Pc, but we are here to make thing easy for you . We are gpoing to teach you how you can download and install the latest version of whatsapp messenger on your mobile phone .

It has been said that WhatsApp Messenger is the quickest and  most convenient means of sending messages on your mobile phone to any contact or friend on your contacts list. The only task you are required to complete before using this this service is that you must download and install the app on your device. Currently, WhatsApp is compatible with just about all mobile operating systems talking about Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone.

If you have WhatsApp Messenger installed on your mobile phone it then means that you can be able to send text messages, voice messages, links and images to any other user for free, just have your device connected to internet and you are good to go.

To use this Whatsapp you don’t need to  be especially tech-savvy, but a bit of curiosity will go a long way to help you do more on the social platform.

WhatsApp Download on www.whatsapp.com Download Latest Version of  Instant messaging apps  . Do you wish to have WhatsApp application on your device/phone ? if yes you are very welcome to this portal because we are about to teach you how to download whatsapp on your mobile phone or PC .  Before we teach our fans how they can download Whatsapp on their phone or pc , lets me give them a little introduction of this fantastic messenging application .

Whatsapp Image

Whatsapp is a one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world that is now owned by Facebook, but it was not initially owned by Facebook but it was bought by facebook couple of years ago . Whatsapp is among the most popular  instant messaging apps on the universe with not less than  800 million monthly active users according to recent statistics . Whatsapp official portal is www.whatsapp.com and it works on many mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian as well as Java phones . When i say Java phone i mean the likes of Nokia phones . To download Whatsapp on your mobile phone is very easy and swift it only require internet access , that is to say that you have to get your phone subscribed to internet data so that it can be able to have access to the World Wide Wed www.

What version are you really interested in downloading and installing on your phone , we can help you do that even if we are not there with you but we can assist you download Whatsapp application on your phone but all you need to do is follow this tutorials carefully .  So many poeple have been trying to download whatsapp on your mobile phone but don’t know how to do it and where to do it remains a misery to them . This article is to help you download whatsapp the Latest Version on Android phones, for Blackberry, for iPhone (iTunes App Store), for Nokia S40,for Nokia Symbian, for Windows Phone (Marketplace) ,on pc/laptop what have you . As soon as the latest version of whatsapp is ready for dowanload , a notification is sent to all users to notify them that a new version is ready and at that time the old version is outdated and can no longer be used . When the latest version is available , whatsapp users will not be able to chat except they downlaod the new/latest version .

There is this new development on whatsapp that might have an adverse effect on some whatsapp users , those ones that use blackberry . I use Blackberry Z30 and when i launch my Whatsapp application yesterday i saw a notication that says “from December 31 , i won’t be able to use whatsapp on my device again” . When i saw the message my heart was broken because i haven’t use any other device all my life because i am so addicted to Blackberry phones because of the fast internet .

I am going to make thing alot easier for you on this quest of yours to download whatsapp on your device . I am going to be giving you links to downlaod your Whatsapp aplication , once you hit the link it will redirect you to a portal where you can effortlessly download and install your whatsapp application . Before i do that , i would like to give you some whatsapp features that you should know before using this application .

Whatsapp Profile:
This Whatsapp Profile can be customized and touched to your own personal taste. Whatsapp allows you customise your profile , that is you have the opportunity to use whatever profile picture you may feel like using at a given point in time . You can also change your name at any time , at this Whatsapp Profile you can also change your status , that is if you are doing anything at a given point in time you can update it on your whatsapp profile and everybody would know what you are up to at that particular time .

You can upload any image on your profile irrespective of the size and quality of the image .

Contact List:
When you downlaod whatsapp on your phone , whatsapp will detect your contacts and add them up to your friends list , so long you have saved that number to your contact . When you have download your whatsapp , your phone contacts are now your contact list as you will keep seeing them when ever they are online or offline . When someone who have your number saved on his or her phone downlaod whatsapp , that person will be able to see you and know if you are on whatsapp or not .

Group Chat:
Whatsapp also have group chat where multiple persons that talk to each other on any matter . This feature is mostly use by students or colleagues who work in a given company so that they can keep in touch with everyone . This group chat is created by one person known as the administrator of the group . It is only the admin that is allowed to add and remove people from the group . If a member wants any body to be part of this platform he or she has to suggest the person to the group admin .

Mute Chat:
If the disturbance is too much from any body because there are some people who derive pleasure in making life uncomfortable for others , maybe you can’t block that person for some reasons best known to you , then you can ‘Mute‘ that person , this is where this Mute option in Whatsapp becomes very  inevitable and importan.

Whatsapp also have other amazing features like Privacy, Whatsapp Share , Whatsapp Calls and from their names you can easily know what they are all about . But to have a complete insight or knowledge of what these features means or do, download Whatsapp and see for your self , experience it and tell your story .

How To Download Whatsapp Messenger App Using Whatsapp Portal  ==> www.whatsapp.com

To downlaod whatsapp on your mobile device via whatsapp portal , then follow this link to download it . You can download it on your phone ,  PC or other related devices . Download it here

Download WhatsApp latest version for iPhone (iTunes App Store)
Download WhatsApp latest version for Android
Download WhatsApp latest version for BlackBerry
Download WhatsApp Desktop App latest version for PC and Mac
Download WhatsApp latest version for Nokia Symbian
Download WhatsApp latest version for Nokia S40
Download WhatsApp latest version for Windows Phone (Marketplace)

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  1. Well done for the good job but i will like to know why whatsapp can not be a one on a life time download just like facebook. I mean why the need to upgrade after a particular period of time. This is causing a great inconvenience please.

    • I don’t really know my brother,i would have even prefer it to be one on a life time download just like facebook


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