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www.ultimatecycler.com – How to Join Ultimate Cycler

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www.ultimatecycler.com Login – How to Join Ultimate Cycler 
Login to Ultimate Cycler Website @ www.ultimatecycler.com  and Make 50,000 with just 12500

The latest way of making money effortlessly and stressfree in Nigeria is through Ultimate Cycler and i will tell you how it works . While many NIgerian are busy complaining and blaming the Government over the current economic recession, some smart once are busing making money online with the aid of Ultimate Cycler .

Not long ago, it was Money Making Machine(MMM) and everybody was busing investing their money on it to get double amount a month later , but the latest one that is currently making waves all over NIgeria is Ultimate Cycler and there is every indication that everybody wants to be part of it and start making cool cash online without really passing through any smallest stress. You can sign up , register and become a member on Ultimate Cycler so that you can start earning cool cash like every other persons on Ultimate Cycler.

The good one is that amidst recession, you can still make money online while others keep complaining that there is no money in the country . Take advantage of this golden opprotunity and be financially free, don’t waste any time because any time you waste is money . To join this Ultimate Cycler you have to complete your registration and become a full participant on the Ultimate Cycler . Meanwhile , i will make sure i teach you how to join Ultimate Cycler with 12500 to earn 50,000 within a week or two weeks .  Ultimate Cycler is the new / latest / easy way to turn your N12,500 to 50,000 naira in a week or two . It is more or less like MMM Nigeria where registered members give and receive monetary help from other members. This one is called Ultimate Cycler and it is the talk on every mouth right now.

I guess you have heard of Money Making Machine(MMM), Ultimate Cycler share some similar characteristic with  MMM Nigeria . When you are a registered member on Ultimate Cycler , you are entitled to recieving financial help form other registered users just as you will also help others .

From the several review we’ve come accross , Ultimate Cycler is real and it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money online with just  N12500 you receieve 50,000 naira in less than a week or more than a week it depends .

How Ultimate Cycler Works

Once you have joined Ultimate cycler with the sum of N12,500 which you will be directed to send to another registered member,After confirming your payment, you will have full access to your account. On confirmation that you have made the payment , the system admin automatically pairs or match or assign you with four other donor who will pay you 12,500 each giving you 50,00. There is a way to receive your spillover alot quicker that usual, all you have to do is bring people to register under your cycle.

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At this level, you will be able to login to your Ultimate cycler account since you have successfully paid another member. You have to always login to www.ultimatecycler.com daily to check if someone has been directed to pay you.

We have heard about MMM Nigeria which takes up to a month before members are paid but ultimate cycler Nigeria is way cooller because members can make their first N50,000 spillover cash within 7 days of joining ultimate cycler programme. One spectacular thing about Ultimate Cycler is that you don’t have to refer someone before you will get paid but if someone registers under you, it will be an additional advantage to your Ultimate Cycler account.

How to Join Ultimate Cycler


To join Ultimate Cycler and become a full time member and beneficiary is very simple and fast , just launch your web browser and visit  www.ultimatecycler.com and make sure you complete the online registration . After your registration please pay on time to avoid being banned and also wait for another member to pay you as soon as possible.

How to Login to Ultimate Cycler

—With an internet enabled device ( Laptop, Mobile Phone or Destop) access  Ultimate Cycler by simply visiting http://ultimatecycler.com
—When it opens, input your  username and password
—Now Click “Login” and your in…


  1. I Mistakenly Registered One Person Three Times Yesterday In My Downliner Due To The Network Problem, Pls How Do I Rectify It

    • Visit their portal to get help

    • one of the largest community of ultimate cyclers and crowrising. we have had lots of success stories
      with our pool of investors.
      don’t let anyone fool you about this type of investment, its just a way of spreading money across the country . but people who earn are people that joined a well organized community with vast amount of investors. in Nigeria.

      ultimate cycler is not gone, reason be that the program didn’t expect the large traffic from Nigerians from 300,000 users to 5million in 5days. what do you expect a crash due to over load goodnews. is it would be back in few hours. however crowd rising is another good or even better platform to invest note there are no disadvantages but crowd rising is easy to understand,, use and faster.
      in summary how money is made invest early and enjoy the benefit invest late and loose.. this program would be here for a long time (2years) because it one of the best means to circulate money around the country… The best thing about crowdrising and making money is that instead of looking around for people to add,you can easily be registed with a referral from us and sending back your referral link so that we send to another person and connect you making your money faster without looking around .

      Avoid groups appealing to their selfish interest you make money through others and vice-versa

      to join our community* MLM multi-level-marketers for UC and CR.
      call on whatsapp – 08095533474
      ultimate cycler and crowdrising

      crowdrising – http://crowdrising.net/ref/xavano
      ultimate cycler – http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/xavaino your pass to our community.
      we provide basic help to other investor in other team!

  2. Join an active multi level marketers (MLM) we are endorsed so your downline can grow quickly. 
    Register with this our team’s referral link HERE: http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/xavaino Our Team will help put you through and guide you. 

  3. I forget how to login my pastword

  4. register here http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/Abspecial
    Active group
    lotx of spillovers

  5. I registered with ultimatecycler. And a day later I registered seven people And uptill now I have nt been paid. Why?

    • Contact them and get help via Ultimate Cycler website

  6. Greetings to you all. The people that were marched to pay me, refuse paying, getting to two weeks and nothing has been done to them. Please do something so we can move ahead. Thanks intimate cycler for life.

  7. i have a complain administrator i am chidimma ohaeri i am a member of ultimate cycler.com a person is merge to pay me and he did not pay me this is his name abubakar with username of rahaybik, please kindly look into it and merge me with another person. secondly am finding it difficult to login to my page please help me this is my phone number 09034524554, 08165518749 thank you

    • ultimatecycler.com has crashed , be patient as they are currently woeking on resolving the issue… I think that is the only reason you have not been paid

  8. please notify me of the what to do thank you

  9. When are they going to fix this network problem, cause i have register three people and they merge me with two but they don’t want to pay me cause of this network problem say they can’t login to there account so how will they pay an loose their money for some think that is not currently working again. So please how will i get paid and get my cash cause am in need of the money right now..

    • be patient as the website will be up soon

  10. I can’t login why

  11. gudafternoon sir, pls whn would d network or d website will be bck?

  12. This organization is helping hand for the poor people like me to build up our standard of living

  13. how to register people under me?

  14. pls when will the network be back? i have paid to the person that was merge and she cant cofirm me , ples help

  15. How to create my account

  16. i pray that there should update it so that they will pay me my money,,because is getting close to two weeks that i register before the network problem now came

  17. I can’t login, why and what should i do?

  18. Why is the site nt coming up Pls I hope this is for real

  19. pls when would this site be restored ? I registered 3 persons and the system merged 1 to pay me but refused that ultimatecycler is no more.What would i do?

    • As soon as possible

  20. Why is the page for registration not opening

  21. Get ur money fast join on active teamshttp://www.ultimatecycler.com/ref/oluchilizzy809 or call on 08164927940. 1aewe

  22. …… well for those of you who know about ultimatecycler we are BACK, UP AND RUNNING…… trust me it’s the best way to make your cash as fast as you want, or sit down and do nothing for 2weeks and still get your 50k cash…..contact me for more info…. Whatsapp and call [ cyril 08107879757 ]

  23. How can i be sure about this?


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