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www.2go.com – Download 2go Latest Version www.2go.im | www.2go.co.za —www.2go.com.ng

All my 2go lovers get in here as i give you a comprehensive tutorial on how to download 2go mobile chat on www.2go.im – www.wap.2go.im – 2go.im registration  www.2go.co.za  not www.2go.com.ng or www.2go.com . This process i will be taking you is also called 2go download and 2go registration , my reasons of enlightening you on this is for you not to get confuse  whereever you see stuffs like this , they all mean thesame thing except for the portals above . This essense of this article is to teach my fans on how to download 2go application on their devices whenever they feel like chat and make friends online .

2go application still remain the oldest messenging application and one of the best on earth but to some poeple it is kind of outdated but trust me it still rock because even facebool lovers still get to use it as they connect their 2go application to their facebook account in order to start seeing their facebook friends online and chat with them even when not logged into facebook . Before i proceed further , i would like you all to know that those websites i mentioned above are official 2go portals where 2go messenger can be downloaded and install on mobile devices as well as personal computers(PC’s) . I know too well that i shocked you when i mentioned Pc because most of you don’t know that 2go works on Pcs . The good and comforting  thing here is that 2go has released  new versions for all mobile phones you can download 2go latest version on your Android, Blackberry, Java and Symbian phone free of charge with any charge or stress. with the introduction of the latest version , version 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 .…… 2go just got better .

Not www.2go.com : Incase you are wondering if this 2go application will work on your phone or you want to know if it is compactible with your phone or not . 2go works on almost all mobile phones including Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung , iPhone , Tecno , Gionee and so on . 2go application don’t necessarilly need a 3G or 4G network to function becuase it also work on 2G networks as well . This messenging application that is specially designed for mobile devices is ideal for student and worker . Students are often not bouyant , so he or she can always use this meduim to communicate with classmates or coursemates . Thesame for a worker who want to minimise expenses , he or she can chat with colleague instead of purchasing a recharge card or airtime to communicate .

Are you using an andriod and java phones don’t worry becuase this 2go mobile messenger works on them effortlessly without any form of configuration on your mobile phone . This is the fastest means of sending and receiving information free of charge because you are not charge for your messages . As far as mobile messenging application is concerned in Africa not just Nigeria alone , 2go chat is one among the foremost soughted mesenger ever developed . It can be use to comunicate with family and friends who are very far from home , with the help f this application you have the ability to meet and chat with new and existing friend on-line with ease.  This application work more like  whatsapp, if you want to have it on your phone all you have to do is visit 2go portal on www.2go.im or  www.wap.2go.im or 2go.im or www.2go.co.za , download the application and join the chatting community .

If you are reading this article count yourself lucky as you are among the few people that i will be taching how to download 2go mobile and PC application . 2go application now has alot of version including the old and latest version . raging from 2go latest version three.0.7.8 to . the foremost recent one is five.  and so on.

Before i take you straight to how you can download your 2go mobile chat , i would like to take you through some 2go experience where i will introducing you to some 2go features .

1. 2go GoCredit
This might look new to you but don’t worry because i will tell you what 2go GoCredit means and what you can do wih it . This 2go GoCredit is just like airtime but you don’t need it to call your friends and family on 2go but you need it to add people to your  friend list , you can only add someone if you have this Gocredit . If you have go credit , you can effortlessly add anybody in chat room to your friend list .

2. 2go Chat Room
2go Chat Room is just like a place you enter on 2go and when you get there , you will find people there positing differnent discussion . You can decide to contribute to the discussion or just keep mute and enjoy their discussion . This is where you will be needing the 2go GoCredit , if you have it you can add anybody of your choice but if you don’t i am sorry you can’t add anyone except they add you on the other side . They only way to get this 2go GoCredit is go purchase it or someone send it to you .

3. 2go Star

This involve the stages on 2go application starting from the novice stage .
Not www.2go.com | 2go Registration , Download , sign Up Process ( In Steps )

Step 1: Launch a mobile browser and type this www.2go.im or www.wap.co.za with a web enabled device  .
Step 2 : Welcome to 2go official page/portal  where you can download your 2go mobile chat.
Step 3 :Now click the Download button or icon you found there
Step 3 : Kindly fill within the needed data within the provided space there. They embody , your name, mobile number, gender , country , user name and eventually initaite Download icon .

After the downloading process, locate you 2go messenger and start chatting


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  1. I can’t buy go credit

    • It’s simple just click on buy go credit from your account but make sure you have sufficient money in your account


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