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Are you interested in being part of our inspired writers? its easy as here in Nigerian Info Box, you are never late to Join Our Journey so Let’s look out and see some terms as every strong site like or bigger than Nigerian Info Box Have their own Terms That Needs to be avoided These are but not limited to;

Content Policy: Here at Nigerian Info Box, We do review all your contents before making it available to our audience. Because our main intention and aim is to maintain a positive experience for our both you and our users, please follow the following pointers about do’s and don’ts you are or on the process of your content submission.

  • No self-promotion.
  • Shouldn’t contain more than 2 links to your domain
  • No affiliate or tracking links.
  • No degrading or defaming material.
  • No duplicate, derivative and regurgitated content.
  • No malicious backlinks (we moderate all the backlinks time to time).
  • Don’t place any outbound link on the article unless its related.
  • And don’t link to spam sources.

And Please make sure that the blog post you are submitting should be above 600 words, with informative original content and proper credits if you use pictures. Short articles are incomplete and incomplete information are not worthy.

Image And Videos: In terms all images and videos, you can put non copyrighted  images to your post; try to tell us what to include as the credit to the source although we don’t recommend that.

When Your articles are ready Contact us at admin@theextremetech.com and we will try to reach back to you as soon as possible.

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