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Wizkid And Davido Who is The Richest Nigerian Musician: Clear The Confusion

It is very easily seen and understand that Wizkid and Davido are the two Nigerian music idols that are currently making waves and killing shows in every corners of Nigeria and abroad. But there is this recurring argument among fans on social media regarding who the richest musician in Nigeria is between the two , that is Wizkid and Davido . Often times , fans ask me this question “Please admin of Nigerian Info Box Wizkid and Davido  Who is The Richest?” and i just smile and don’t reply them due to my tight schedules . Today i want to take my time to address this recurring question so that this will be the end of it .

I aknowledge the fact that Wizkid and Davido are among the successful Nigerian musicains , they pocket millions and thrillions of money everyday and the cash comes from different angles, some come from their endorsement deals , album sales , shows , tours and many other direction . Infact , what we are sure of here is that they are young and getting it . Let’s ask ourselfs , Wizkid and Davido who is really the richest Nigerian musician ? If you go to the net you would come accross several information relating to this but the problem is that many of this claims are false .

Without so much ado , at this junction we want to keep the ball rolling so as to reveals to our beautiful fans and new readers who managed to find themself here on this information portal whom the richest Nigerian musician is between Ayo Wizkid and Davido Adeleke .

Brief History Of Wizkid And Net Worth
Wizkid is a prominent Nigerian musician that was born 1990 in Lagos Nigeria . Wizkid started singing at a very tender age of 11 because he knew from day one that music was his calling so he had to follow that footstep to his dream career . He is from a very poor home because he was was brought up by his parents who were not rich but they managed to take good care of him. He decided to struggle for himself so that he could take good care of his parents just as every good child would do  . His reign started after he was being signed by Banky W to his E.M.E Music Group and he released several single and an album under the label and he was able to break into the market and fast farward to 2016 , Wizkid is now one of the biggest fish in the Nigerian Music Industry with the greatest international recorgnition .

Wizkid now own a record label called Star Boy Records which he launched after leaving E.M.E . In 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with Pepsi, which brought him $350,000. Wizkid use to be an MTN ambassador, the deal fetched him N45 million per annum from the telecom giant , MTN dropped him and guess what Globacom picked him up thesame day and gave him an endorsement deal immediately . In October of the same year, he signed a deal with Guinness for a concert in Lagos, Victoria Island in November . What do you expect ? somebody like wizkid is a hot cake in that aspect and he can’t be rejected at all .

As at the time of writing this article , Wizkid is presently worth about $10 million.

Brief History Of Davido And Net Worth

Davido is the lucky son of a wealthy man called Adeleke , a billionaire who has never known brokeness right from birth . Davido was born November 21, 1992 with a silver spoon , he has never known stress right from his birth till date because his father had always provide everything he needs for him but he was not satisfied as he thought it wise to hustle for himself as a man and fulfil his own destiny . As at the time he started music , he and Wizkid were the youngest in the game and they got so much attention due to that fact . If Davido and Wizkid Net Worth are to be compared , you would easily deduce that Davido’s own is a little bit larger and there are so much reasons to this . Davido is one of the most talented Nigerian musician who have been able to achieve alot , he have several automobiles , houses in Nigeria and abroad as well as so many investments everywhere . He is the former CEO of HKN G*ang before they splitted up , Davido has gone to lauch a new record label and has even signed one artist to it ,  the young star is currently doing fine right now  in terms of his career  .

Davido is said to worth about $8 million.

Most of the time , Net Worths of people are not axactly what they have but it is a rough estimate of their worth because the simple truth is that it is very impossible to know the exact Net Worth of any body whether a common man or a celebrity  as they might have some hidden investments somewhere that may not be added to the estimation .

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