Who is the Richest Governor in Nigeria 2016



Who is the Richest Governor in Nigeria 2016/2017

Some people are used to asking a very serious and unanthicipated question, a couple of weeks ago a fan contacted me via comment box and guess what the reader was trying to enquire . He said please admin of Nigerian Info Box “Who is the Richest Governor in Nigeria for this year 2016/2017”  when i saw this question i was very comfuse because between God and mine i didn’t know the answer to that shocking question . As a Nigerian and a blogger for that matter i ought to know the richest Governor in Nigeria as well as the top five richest Nigerian Governors as my knowledge on every aspect of life or subject is expected to be broad .

I was forced to emback on a research to unveil Who is the Richest Governor in Nigeria is . Within that period i was busy surfing the net visiting all popular blogs that write on reviews and top 10 , after all the going here and there on the net i finally arrived on something i could hold on to . I also visited one of the most popular news blog in Nigeria, Naij.com and i stumbled on the answer there that was where i stoppped searching for amswers .

There are many rich Governors in Nigeria we are not going to be giving them this crown or listing their names on the top 5 because they acquired those wealth after they were voted in , that means that their source of wealth unkown  . The once that will be appearing here are those ones that had the wealth and fame before they assume a political office and their source of wealth can be traced while those that their source of wealth can’t be traced . Without so much ado we want to reveal who the richest Nigerian Governor is and go further to unveil the top 5 richest Governors in Nigeria . This crown will be based on family background, business, success in politics and fame. From the 36 states we have in Nigeria, Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello (aka Abu Lolo) is the richest Governor in Nigeria and in case you didn’t expect this result we will take you on a ride to educate you on the reasons why he emerged the winner .

For those people wondering why we crown Governor Abubakar Sani Bello the richest governor in Nigeria read on because we want to give you some cogent reasons for this outcome .

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s  family is the only family that has been listed in Forbes magazine as not only the wealthiest in Nigeria, but also in Africa at large – one reson. This family does not depend on politics alone, they are into different kinds of businesses like construction, oil and gas, and communications and that is why no other Nigerian Governor can unseat him from this seat . Abubakar Bello’s father is said to own 40% of MTN Nigeria and you know what that means . As if that is not enough , his brother is married to Dangote’s daughter and Dangote do not need introduction because it’s the richest man in Africa, according to Forbes magazine we are talking about .

To seal everything , Abubakar Sani Bello’s wife Dr. Amina Abubakar, is the daughter of Nigeria’s former military head of state Abdussalami Abubakar . If you read their profile carefully , you will denote that they are all attached to wealthy people that is one reason the wealth is much  .

Here is The Top 5 Richest Nigerian Governors 2016/2017

1. Abubakar Sani Bello
2. Nyesom Wike – Rivers State
Adams Oshiomhole – Edo State
Olusegun Mimiko – Ondo State
Abdulfatai Ahmed – Kwara State


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