What is Nigeria’s ZIP code — Zip code for Nigeria


What is Nigeria’s ZIP code — Zip code for Nigeria

In our subsequent post we created a very comprehensive piece wherein the correct Postal Code for Nigeria States was revealed .  Meanwhile , we are unto the next one which is exposing the beginner’s guide to Nigeria Zip Code while some folks may call it Nigeria Zip Codes as if it is more than one .

Our readers has more than once asked us to write about Nigeria ZIP code because most of them are confusing Nigeria Postal code with Nigeria ZIP code which is very alarming because they mean two different thing and they are also use for two different purposes . There is a big distinction between Nigerian Zip code and Nigeria postal code . Be it as it may be , this article is created to clear the misconception regarding the issue of Nigeria  Dialing code,Nigeria Zip codes and Nigeria postal codes.

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Several persons has been busy searching for this information online and some of the most searched keywords are “what is Nigeria’s ZIP Code , Correct Nigeria ZipCode ,nigeria zip code 23401, nigeria zip code 23434, zip code for abuja, ogun state zip code, nigeria zip code 23402, delta state zip code, nipost nigeria zip code, edo state zip code” . If you are found yourself on this webpage it means you are one of those few lucky people that is able to find the correct answer to what Nigeria Zip code really mean .

Many people have been wondering what ZIP codes really mean . ZIP codes means  (Zone Improvement Plan) and do have it in mind that this ZIP codes that you have been hearing of applies only to the USA , United States of America . Just like Postal codes is use in Nigeria , ZIP codes is use for thesame purpose in the United States of America and they doesn’t recognize Postal codes  . In a nutshell , what i am trying to communicate here is that Nigeria doesn’t use Zip code as it is only used in the USA . One other predominant thing in Nigeria is the idea of many people using +234 as Zip code . Haba! — +234 is no ZIP code for Nigeria , it is  Nigeria’s international phone dialling code please never make this mistake .

Important Note:

There is nothing like Abuja Zip code, Lagos Zip code, Edo state Zip code, Delta state Zip code, Portharcourt Zip code, Kano Zip code, Kaduna Zip code, Warri Zip code, Calabar Zip code, Asaba Zip code Onitsha Zip code, Imo state Zip code, Benin City Zip code e.t c .

We are not ignoring the fact that most times when you are filling forms online in Nigeria , you are often required to provide zip code . In such situation simply use 110001, 23401, or 00176 and it will be accepted .

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