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Watch Shiloh 2016 Live Stream & Telecast Online Streaming [Video]

Do you want to watch Living Faith Church International aka Winners Chapel Shiloh Shiloh 2016 Live Stream & Telecast Online ? i will guide you on how to watch Shilow 2016 Live Streaming, Broadcast Online because i know some of you won’t be able to make it to the venue of Shiloh 2016 which is very certain .

Some weeks ago i made a publication where i announced to the general public that the presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel has announced the Dates, Time and venue for Shiloh 2016. On that article, i made a promise that i will make sure i provide you with the opportunity to be able to watch Shiloh 2016 Live Streaming, Broadcast Online from the comfort of your sitting room or bedroom . The good news is that The annual prophetic impartation program organized by the Living Faith Church International aka Winners Chapel known as Shiloh 2016 is here again and we are all loking farward to a miracle packed crusade.

Shiloh 2016 is an annual christian gathering event organised by Living Faith Church, Winners Chapel and at the time of making this publication the time of this Shiloh 2016 has been sheduled for the month of December . If you wish to know more about Shiloh 2016 then you should continue reading this article .

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Shiloh annual program is an annual gathering of all members of the Living Faith Church (both Nigeria and abroad), aka Winners’ Chapel to pray with the presiding Bishop of the church and other annointed men of God. Shiloh 2015 has come and gone and at the end of the program there was reasons for people who partook in the christian event to be greatful to God because it featured alot of miracle , the sick was healed , the blind regained their sight , many gained financial break-through, those living in bondage were freed and many other testimonies. Shiloh 2015 program was tagged “From Glory to Glory”, the Founder of the Living Faith Church; Bishop David Oyedepo decleared that the year 2016 shiloh will be greater than the previous one .

Shiloh 2016 Programme

As it has always been right from Shiloh inception, Shiloh 2016 programme will be shown in Living Faith Church website and Live broadcast link which connect the Winner Chapel TV stations online.

Shiloh 2016 Morning Session Bible Study

All persons that are able to make it or travel to the venue of Shiloh 2016 programme  in Canaanland, Ota Ogun state should be aware of the following;
the early Morning session of Shiloh 2016 is scheduled for 7am in the morning and terminate by 11am. The  teachings of the Bible This will contain a series of 3 session.

Shiloh 2016 Afternoon Session Healing School

Shiloh 2016 healing school is scheduled for 11:30am to end by 1:30pm. THat is to say that this session start off immediately after the morning session in Canaanland. Needful to say, this healing school is for sick people. If you know you have any sicknesses or disease and your doctors has told you that there is no solution to it please bring it to the Lord and your surfering shall shall be brought to an end.

Shiloh 2016 Evening Session Teachings

This is the most important programe of Shiloh 2016 and nobody deserves to miss out on this . It is the final programme and it contain the  teachings of the papa David himself. This session should not be missed because it always comes with a power packed package for everybody whether you are present at the venue or watching it online from your home .

Shiloh 2016 Business Summit

This session is targeted at those people seeking for  financial breakthrough and freedom . Don’t miss out on it the time is scheduled for 11.30am to 1.30pm daily. All business conscious persons whether man or woman should take part in this business summit session and the favour of God will never live your life .

Shiloh 2016 Youth Alive Forum

This Shiloh 2016 Youth Alive Forum is for those people who are 18years and above and as the name suggest it is for youth only. This programme will kick start by 3pm and end by 5pm . On this session, Bishop Oyedepo and other men of God will address issues concerning the youths and the discussion will centre around Agape love, relationship, dating, preparation for marriage.

Watch SHILOH 2016 LIVE Stream Broadcast Live Telecast

shiloh-2016-live-telecast>You can listen to Shiloh 2016 LIve at

>The event will be made available  online at FaithTabernacle.Org.Ng/MediaCenter

>Shiloh 2016 Date: Is December 6 – 13, 2016 . It is going to last for seven days .
>Shiloh 2016 Theme: My Case Is Different
>Shiloh 2016 Venue: Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State .

I counsel you to make it a date with Jesus and your life shall never remain the same in Jesus name, AMEN .

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