Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria 2016/2017


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Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria 2016/2017

Traveling they say is part of education, but come to think of it have you ever wondered why most people travel a long distance and when they finally get to their destination they just stand, then walk around like jobless people but they keep abserving. Most of them just like to feed their eyes because they have been told many things about a particular place and they are eager to see for them selfs,these places are tourist centres or attractions.

There are several toursit sites in Nigeria and guess what Nigeria is already blessed with several natural endowment and all of us would not like to miss out on the eye catching places.

Nigeria is blessed in many ramification talking about natural resources, man power and skills,not forgeting that the country is also blessed with natural environment that beautifies the work of our creator. These special places are protected from any form of human activities that is capable of ruining the beauty of its look and they are kept for special purposes so that people can visit them for relaxation and at the end revenue are realised which are used for the country. The money are further used for major projects that will beautiful the landmark of image of the country.

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Some of these tourist attractions are located in cities while some are located in villages or small towns. The bottum line of this all is that Nigeria is a beautiful place to live because you have a lot of beautiful places to visit at your leisure so that the fun will keep flowing and you will happy that your site is intact,not just Nigeria but Africa at large

Top Five Tourist Attraction Sites In Nigeria 2016

  1. River Ethiope : This place is said to be the deepest inland waterfall in Nigeria . It is located at Umuaja village in Ukwuani local Government Area.
  2. Ogbunike Caves :
  3. Olumirin Waterfall
  4. Olumo Rock
  5. Obudu Mauntain Resort

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