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Top 5 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2016


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Updated: Top 5 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2016/2017

These days , pastoring is a full time job which everybody is now running into because pastors are treated with great respect with alot of food on their table and alot of cash on their respective bank accounts ,funny enough this  are being taken care of by their loyal members . Gone are those years when pastors are poor , these days pastors are now counted among the richest people in Nigeria and beyond . Several persons wants to know the Top 5 Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2016/2017 and i will do well to reveal that to you all who are really interested to see it because serving you is one basic reason we are here .

Most pastors urges their members to pay taxes , give big offering , finance church projects but most of this money pastors use to only enrich themself alone because they now take pastoring as a full time business because it fetches them big cash . Nigerian pastors are amongst the richest people in Nigeria and some Nigerian politicians can not contest with them in terms of biggest money in the bank as they keep their bank account pilling up every now and then . The one that is so funny each time it pop up on my mind is the pastors that go into politics , i wonder what their intentions are and what they are actually thinking about , but i for one don’t see any reason why a pastor should even consider going into politics . Despite all the ill talk about pastors of these days , there are still some genuine pastors but the bad eggs keep tanishing the image of the good ones making it very difficult to spot out the good ones . Nigerian pastors owns private jets, automobiles purchased with whooping sum , massion in Nigerian and abroad but if they are really dedicated their lives in serving God in the right manner there is nothing wrong with their riches because our God is no fan of penury .

Last year, an article was written in an international magazine ,Forbes about the richest pastors in the world, i smiled when i saw five Nigerian Pastors on the list ,that should tell you something . Well, let’s go keep the ball rolling by going straight to business of today . Here is the Top Ten Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2016 .

1. Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo is the richest Nigerian pastors and can’t be unseated by anybody . He is not just the richest pastor in Nigeria but also one of the richest in the world as revealed by Forbes Magazine . Bishop David Oyedepo owns privates jets , expensive automobiles, alot of massions . He is the founder and General overseer of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry famously  known as Winners Chapel . He has other investments as well, he is the founder and owner of Convenient University, Ota, which he established in 2002 and Landmark University, Omu-Aran, established in 2011 .

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
At the number two spot is another rich Nigerian pastor who has been there for donkey years . He is called Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and there are several reasons to say that he doesn’t need much introduction at all and i believe that so many of my readers understands my plight . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the pastor and founder of Christ Embassy , a very famous church that has it branches all over Nigeria and some few foreign countries . Apart from owning several branch of church all over the four corners of Nigeria , he also has a number of other investments from real estate to television stations and hotels which in turn push back alot of cash to his bank accounts. His divorce saga was really annoying that he amost lost his respect , the man of God is said to worth between $30million and $50 million .

3. Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Pastor Enoch Adeboye is the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) ,one of the biggest church in Nigeria today and it keeps getting bigger and better as each day passes by . This is another wealthy Nigerian pastor that has dedicated his entire life time in serving his God and he has been placed on high place by the most high God . It is worthy of note that The Redeemed church has a University (Redeemers University), high school, private jets, hospitals, a TV station, its printing press amongst other things. The high point o this all is that these investments brings money to his bank account and placing him amongt the richest pastors in Nigeria 2016 and will still remain relevant in many years to come . The Redemption camp is reportedly worth over 200billion naira which is a whooping sum .

4. TB Joshua (Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua)
At the fourth spot on the list of richest pastors in Nigeria is TB Joshua . This famous pastor who has always been in the news for several reasons is the  founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations and Owner of Emmanuel TV, an evangelism TV station  . Casting our minds back to 2008 , we will remeber that The Nigerian Government awarded him with the ‘Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic’ award for his charitable works. He is a big miracle worker who owns the Emmanuel TV, a Christian television network which is now one of the most watch christian television . People come from other country to see this man of God so that they could be a partaking of his miracle and good will . As God will have it , he has been able to spread out his wings to Ghana, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece by opening other braches of his church in these countries  .

5. Matthew Ashimolowo
Another wealthy pastor who is a Nigerian is Matthew Ashimolowo but not that famous like the others who their names effortlessly rings bell. Yes! pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the senior pastor of the Kingsway International Christian Centre. Some years ago , Forbes listed him amongst the richest pators in Nigeria and his estimated net worth was revealed as well . Matthew Ashimolowo wealth is said to be coming form  his Media Company (Matthew Ashimolowo media) as well as the sales from his Christian literature books and documentaries. Kingsway International Christian Centre is said to be one of the Largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom today.

Other wealthy Nigerian pastors include

  • Chris Okotie
  • Father Edeh
  • Ayodele Oritsejafor
  • Bishop Mike Okonkwo
  • Lazarus Muoka

Thanks for reading the Top Five Richest Pastors in Nigeria 2016/2017 , reading this article is one thing but sharing it is another . Do not  leave here without sharing .

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