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Top 5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

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Getting a good VPN app for your windows phone is not a very easy task, it took time for the windows product to adapt to changes of the modern technology, because of a late entry into the handheld device system.


Microsoft did not really make a breakthrough with their devices, as more customers prefer the android and the IPHONE, although the windows product is a good one and many users prefer it than others. You can hardly find an app suitable for your windows phone on the net.


Lots of customers do not buy windows phone, because they do not have lots of app for them and also developers do not even bother to create app for the devices.


The windows device do not app including for the VPN even the third party apps are very scarce.
The list below which have given us the best app for the windows have been carried out further research and have also been tested to note the best.

1. NORD VPN: This app supports the L2TP, IKEV2 and SSTP protocols. This app uses strong encryption got all its connection and it maintains a strict zero-log policy.


2. VYPR VPN: The app supports the L2TP protocols. This app does not collect traffic logs but it stores some questionable metadata log.


3. EXPRESS VPN: This servers are fast, supports the L2TP and SSTP protocols. This app lets its users choose from 78 countries.


4. IP VANISH: The app has a lot of servers and it is very fast, no log policy, strong encryption and rated among the best.


5. LIQUID VPN: Supports the L2TP and SSTP protocols. This app has the strongest security and good privacy practices.


As you can see above, we were able to give you the best free windows VPN, so to those using a windows phone either 8.1 or windows 10 can make use of this app.


The app which are listed above make use of manual installation and other procedures. You can try and download them and install them by yourself. For those using a PC you can also get different software on VPN for your PC.


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