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Top 20 Most Secure Online Storage

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we have had lots of online storage lately, some of them are not secure which is they can easily be hacked and all that. This article will help you sort out the top 20 most secure online storage, whether for business, personal use name it. These are actually the best.
1. DROPBOX: This is rated as one of the best online storage services. It has the ability to recover deleted items, sync with other services. Using drop box and referring your family and friends and also completing their get started guide makes you earn more free storage space.
2. ONE DRIVE: One drive is pre-installed on windows 10 devices, you can keep all your data in sync with your PC using the one drive. It also sends it users notifications when someone edits a document and also lets you know who they are.
3. GOOGLE DRIVE: With google drive you have a good and secured storage space, you have 15gb free no charges, you can store photos, docs, sheets, and also slides which helps you with presentation. Google drive is absolutely one of the best.
4. BOX: Using box, lets you get 10gb of storage for free. Each file has a limited size of 250mb per file. Box also sync with other apps and its very easy to use.
5. SUGAR SYNC: On sugar sync, you can share files, stream videos, automatically backup your files and many more. It is very secure.
6. PCLOUD: Pcloud offers 10gb of free storage space, and this can be expanded through referrals. The Pcloud interface is very clean, secure and not too busy.
7. I DRIVE: This is an alternative to Icloud, its like a backup service, we all know the trend with icloud, how its not all that secure and all that. I drive makes redundant file copies ensuring every data does not disappear if an accident occurs like dropping your phone in water.
8. MEGA: Mega has a simple drag and drop interface, you can upload files and photos and do other things. All data stored in its cloud are encrypted on your device, before it reaches their servers.
9. SPIDER OAK: This gives you 2gb free, it provides good cloud storage, after installing your data is encrypted before syncing.
10. NEXT CLOUD: This is not an online storage system, it offers the software for download and you can install the storage service on your own.
11. BACK BLAZE: Using backblaze, you have to download the software, install it and then backup comes automatically. This can be used as an app and also get the software for your windows 10 or Mac.
12. TRESORIT: This comes with good solid security and lots of features. It is a zero knowledge cloud provider, it offers the end-to-end encryption.
13. CARBONITE: They have the hybrid and cloud backup, users have a 15day free trial. Carbonite offers a 7 day support from 8:30 am to 9pm daily.
14. JUST CLOUD: Just cloud offers unlimited storage, they offer good services with syncing across multiple different devices.
15. NORTON: Norton has gone into the cloud storage services too they have a good security background which offers strong encryption.
16. LIVE DRIVE: It provides unlimited storage at a charged rate, they have the briefcase option which is a setup from the basic setup.
17. OPEN DRIVE: Open drive has a secure storage platform, users can easily access it from anywhere.
18. ZOOLZ: This app is good with unlimited servers, everything is secure, so no need to doubt their services.
19. ZIP CLOUD: This is another app that offers online storage services. 24 /7 tech support, automated backup and so much more.
20. AMAZON SIMPLE STORAGE SERVICES: This storage service, is very secured as its associated with amazon, good storage services both for users and others.


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