Top 20 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria

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2016 (Accredited Federal Universities in Nigeria)

Top 20 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria

Nigeria is one country that knows the importance of Education and currently the nation has several tertiary institutions and among them is polytechnics, college of educations and Universities at the apex . Well, our main concentration is going to be on universities , we are going to expose the To 20 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2016/2017 accompanied by their respective school fee.  By Nigerian Info Box Blog .

Top 21 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria 2016/2017 Ranking
1. BABCOCK UNIVERSITY (Most Expensive University in Nigeria)
Babcock university is a  private Christian co-educational university  and it was established as the Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA) in 1957 . Babcock university is owned and operated by of the most famous church in Nigeria , the Seventh-Day Adventist Church . The school is in chargeof meal and hostel allocations  which is one reason their school fees is very high . Babcock university  is the most Expensive Universities in Nigeria note this if you never knew . Babcock university school fee ranges from N620,000 to N3 million . Medicine: N3 million, Law: N2 million, Accounting: N1.5 million, Nursing: N1 million, other faculties: N860,000 – N620,000.

The second most Expensive Universities in Nigeria is American University Of Nigeria also known as (AUN) . At American University Of Nigeria , school fee are paid in dollar and they are the first Nigerian university with American structure , curriculum and tradition. Their school fee amount to N1,378,500 per annum.

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Afe Babalola University is a private higher institution situated in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. The university was founded  in 2009 by Nigeria’s foremost lawyer and legal practitional, Chief Afe Babalola (SAN).  Here is a breakdown of their school fees:
For Engineering: N925,000 (4 beds) and N1,075,000 (2 beds).
Health Science: N725,000 (4 beds) and N875,000 (2 beds)
Sciences: N675,000 (4 beds) and N825,000 (2 beds)
Social Management Science: N675,000 (4 beds) and N825,000 (2 beds)
The fee ranges from N675,000 to N1,075,000 annually

Igbinedion University is one of the most expensive university in Nigeria owned by Chief Nosakhare Igbinedion of Edo State , Nigeria . The university is situated in a town called Okada in Edo State and the school is flooded with students from wealthy families . Igbinedion University was established  following the presentation of certificate of approval on May 16, 1999 and history has it that it is the first licensed private university in Nigeria. Their tuition ranges from N540,000 to N820,000 feeding excluded .

At the fifth spot we have another prestigious university called Bowen University . This University is owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, at Iwo in Osun State and opened November 4, 2002. The tuition fee ranges from N500,000 to N750,000 per annum. This money does not cover food as it only cover accommodation and tuition .

Just like Babcock university , Crawford University is a private Christian institution situated in Igbesa, Nigeria. This University was established in the year 2005 and it is one of the youngest universities in Nigeria today . The university only provides accommodation for students but does not provide feeding for students . Crawford University school fee ranges from N400,000 to N600,000.

Just like Babcock university and Crawford University , Redeemer’s University is a Christian school that is situated  in Redemption City, Ogun State, Nigeria. This school was founded in the year  2005 , thesame year Babcock university  was established . School fees does not cover  feeding but tuition and accommodation only . Their school fees range from N500,000 to N650,000 per annum .

8) Lead City University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦550,500

9) Caleb University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦505,000

10) Ajayi Crowder University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦500,000

11) Benson Idahosa
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦500,000

12) Joseph Ayo Babalola University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦436,000

13) Covenant University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦432,000

14) Achievers University, Owo
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦420, 000

15) Novena University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦400,000

16) Adeleke University,Ede
School Fees/ Tuition : 350,000.00

17) Rhema University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦325,000

18) Lagos State University
School Fees/ Tuition : Between N240,000 and N345,000

19) Obong University Nigeria
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦190,000

20) Oduduwa University
School Fees/ Tuition : ₦164,000

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