Top 20 Biggest Banks in Nigeria 2016/2017

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Top 20 Biggest Banks in Nigeria 2016/2017

Most Nigerian Banks have cut accross boundries making them to be international banks as a result of their success and tremendous growth . Nigerian banks and other financial institutions have become inevitable becauseof the rapid growth in many areas of the country example are increase in investment , natural resources , political stability .

The growth of financial instituation in any country can be traced down to these factors mentions of the first paragraph . In one of our post we wrote on the Best Banks in Nigeria 2016 but this post will be exposing the Biggest Banks in Nigeria 2016/2017 .

Have you been searching for the biggest banks in Nigeria to do business with and you have not been sure about them , find the top 20 Biggest banks in Nigeria 2016/2017 ranking after the jump .

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1. First Bank of Nigeria
First Bank of Nigeria was established in the year 1894 and it is truely the firt bank in Nigeria .
Website :

2. Zenith Bank
Zenith Bank is the second largest bank or financial institution in Nigeria and it has an asset base of $ 14.147 billon.
Website :

3. United Bank of Africa (UBA)
UBA has an asset base of $ 11.901 billion and it has over 7 million customers and more than 700 branches in Africa, United Kingdom, France and the United States .
Website :

4. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is not only one of the biggest banks in Nigeria it is also one of the best banks in Nigeria . Guaranty Trust Bank has an asset worth of $ 10. 014 billion.
Website :

5. Access Bank Nigeria
Access Bank Nigeria is the fifth biggest bank in Nigeria with an asset base of $9.874 billion
Website :

6. Keystone Bank
Keystone Bank is one of the fastest growing bank in Nigeria because it was established not too long ago . Keystone bank is one of the youngest having been founded in 2011. It has an asset base of 8.500 billion and we beleive that this bank has come to stay .

7. Ecobank Nigeria
They acquiring Oceanic bank and rebranded to Ecobank Nigeria , they are also known as Ecobank Pan Africa . They have a asset base of $6.174 billion.
Website :

8. Union Bank of Nigeria
Union Bank of Nigeria has an asset base of $ 6.130 billion.
Website :

9. Skye Bank
Skye Bank has subsidiaries and satellite offices in Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia and Angola and their asset base is  $ 5.679 billion.
Website :

10. Diamond Bank of Nigeria
Diamond Bank asset base is $ 4.923 billion
Website :

11. Fidelity Bank Nigeria
Fidelity Bank Nigeria was founded in 1988 as a  merchant bank and it gained a commercial status  in 1999 .
Website :

12. First City Monument Bank Plc
It asset base is approximately $3.65 billion .
Website :

13. Stanbic Bank Nigeria
This bank has several offices in major African countries e.g  Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Republic of Congo.
Website :

14. Citibank
This bank was established in in New York in the United States of America . It expanded to Nigeria and other African countries .
Website :

15. Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank was established in the year 1969 in London, United Kingdom and it has over 1700 branches around the world .
Website :

16. Sterling Bank Nigeria
Sterling Bank Nigeria asset base is $ 4.61 billion .
Website :

17. Heritage Bank Plc.
As at year 2013 , Heritage Bank asset base was estimated to be in excess of $ 192.0 million.
Website :

18. Enterprise Bank
Enterprise Bank is a licensed commercial bank in Nigeria with an asset base of $ 1.63 billion . It was formally kown as Spring Bank .
Website :

19. Unity Bank Plc
Its has an asset base of $ 2.45 billion and shareholders’ equity of $ 322 million.
Website :

20. Wema Bank
Wema Bank was established in 1945 and the bank is listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Website :

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