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Top 15 Productivity apps for IPhone

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The list below shows the best productivity apps for iPhone. You can easily do your to-do-list and other things using the app.


1. OUTLOOK: This is the best gmail app produced by Microsoft. This app lets you send mails anytime, anywhere.


2. SLACK: This is also known as chatroom, you can use it to send messages, the app is highly customizable and connects to services like GIPHY.


3. SUNRISE: This app began as a side project, this is one of the best calendar app around. Sunrise helps to surface important information you need it connects with almost every social media account you have.


4. MAILBOX: This app helps its users deals with incoming messages, mailbox helps its users a lot and its one of the best productivity apps.


5. CLEAR: This app commands over 2.5 million downloads, the app is a powerful to-do and reminder app.


6. FANTASTICAL 2: This is a smart calendar app, the app lets you combine your calendar and also your to-do-list. Using this app makes it easier for you to add natural language which means you can add calendar events and to-do items, the way you speak them naturally.


7. SPARROW: This app helps in email and it also support multiple accounts. The app is so good which made goggle acquire it in 2012.


8. DROPBOX: This app was launched in 2009, it allows users access to their files. Backing up and sharing photos and also lots more.


9. EVERNOTE: This app has gone way beyond taking notes, it now serves as a hub for to-do-list, business cards and collaborative projects.


10. GOOGLE DOCS: This is the document creation app. You can create edit, and manage document. The app also supports different languages.


11. SPAUK: This is the best mail app, you can connect it through your inbox and manage emails. The app is fully customizable, you can arrange it to your taste.


12. WUNDERLIST: This app is a task manager app, users can easily organize, add and schedule their to-do list for easy use.


13. SIMPLE NOTE: This app makes note taking very easy, you can make list fast and very easy. You can use tags and pins to keep all your important notes organized.


14. PLANNER PRO: This app combines events, tasks, notes at one place. You can easily add, edit or delete events, you can as well have more privacy by hiding your calendar.


15. MICROSOFT ONE NOTE: This app lets its users take notes, you can have ideas and keep them organized with the app.



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