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Top 10 Biggest Malls In South Africa

Top 10

We all love shopping, there might be a particular thing of interest we find when going to shopping malls,


we might go there to watch a movie, play a game, or purchase items, whatever the reason may be, we acknowledge that shopping is fun.


South Africa has some of the largest malls with their rich cultures, beautiful music and other interesting things there.


If you are a tourist and you have not gotten the chance to travel or visit this country, you must be missing a lot of things there, South Africa is a very beautiful place, with lots of places to feed your eyes.


We have sort out the top 10 biggest malls in the country, for you to visit, take your time and read on.


1. SANDTON CITY: Located in Johannesburg, was established in 1973. Sandton city is one of the biggest malls in Southern Africa. The food court is one of the most popular places for lunches, social gatherings and others.



They sell lots of luxury goods and items with designer brands like Lacoste, Armani, Gucci and others. Sandton city also has the Nelson Mandela square and many other places to enjoy.


2. GATEWAY THEATRE OF SHOPPING: This mall was opened in the year 2001, with over 2 million visitors each month.



Gateway has over 400 stores, 18 movies theatre, 3D cinemas and play houses, 10 eateries and other exciting entertainment and culture.


They also have a skate park, you can also climb the indoor 24m climbing wall which is one of the biggest, relaxation can be done in the coffee shops and you can also ship for some fashionable items in the shopping mall.


3. VICTORIA AND ALFRED WATERFRONT: This is located at the foot of the table mountains at the edge of the lapping water of the Atlantic.



The mall has world class shops, free wi fi zone, coffee shops and outdoor entertainment.


Best of all is the chattered boat trip where you can view the lovely water, mountain views and the oceans.


4. MELROSE ARCH: The mall is called a city within a city, located in Johannesburg,


Melrose Arch offers Alfresco dining, theatre, music festivals, events with world class chefs, sports stars and celebrities.


Residents in this vicinity can eat, work and play all within this Melrose Arch precinct.


The place also has a 5-star hotel where you can lodge and have fun.


5. CAVENDISH SQUARE: Located in Claremont, it has 250 stores with luxury of fabulous goods from computing to camping materials, coffee shops and others.


This is an award winning mall with the leading Independent Cinemas in South Africa.


The most fabulous place is the Cavendish connect with a sky bridge with trend-setting fashion and others.


6. FOURWAYS MALL: This is a shopping mall, it has up to 170 stores, the mall boasts of 50 shops for lots of fashion items from local to international including shoes.



The mall boasts of ample banking, hosts of jewelleries, stores, travel agency, hair stylists, curio shops and a host of others too numerous to mention.


The mall gives entertainment to family and friends in full form. You can visit the betting centre, have a full adventure game and so much more.


7. CAPE QUARTER: Located in trendy De Waterkont in Cape Town. This mall is known to have 100 shops, with one stop destination for beauty, food, restaurant, book, arts and so much more.



The mall is filled up with entertainment, you can also visit the Italian restaurant for Italian foods, cakes, biscuits and for those who are interested in health can visit the spa.


8. CANAL WALK: The mall is built around a canal established in 2002, the mall has over 400 stores, 7,000 parking bays, 20 cinemas and also a game arcade



They have a spectacular La Pizza, 2 giants LED screens and 32 plasma screens.


9. THE PAVILLION: Located in Westville, Durban. The mall has up to 1.8 million visitors each month.



Has over 230 retail outlets, 40 resturants 14 jewelleries outlets, an amusement area with the revolution skate park and ten pin bowling games.


10. RIVERSIDE MALL: Located on the road to White River, the mall has more than 630,00 visitors each month.



The mall has more than 140 stores and 15 resturants, coffee shops and also a movie cinema.


What do you think about this share your thoughts.



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