Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in Nigeria 2016/2017



Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in Nigeria 2016/2017 websites

It no longer news that most Nigeria citizens are fashion lovers including me the writer of this article . Gone are those days when fashion was not part of Nigerians but in this recent age no body can do without fashion because we all want to look dapper all the time especially when going for events .

These days , we spend hell to get those traditional attires or western outfits , most of us don’t care how much we spent to get their taste of dress as they spend a lot of time, energy and money to look good and fashy always . Fashion is one part of human life that is not constant as it is dynamic and keep changing over time . When you don’t dress properly people won’t really attach much respect to your name and they will seen you as someone who is living in the past , but if dress properly all the time people will address you well . Because of this fact , we need to constantly update our knowledge of the latest fashion trends so that we can always be proud of ourselves wherever we go .

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In Nigeria today, we have some blogs / websites that is dedicated to supplying readers the right amount of information they need on how they can dress properly , the type of dress to where to a particular event , the make up and the right body grooming. Now, it is time for us to check out the top 10 best fashion blogs in Nigeria for the sake of  our fashion lovers out there .

1. Bella Naija
As far as Nigeria is concerned in this year 2016 and many years to come , Bella Naija is the best fashion blog in Nigeria . During it inception , it started as a gossip blog, it has now been transformed into a multidimensional blog with different categories like lifestyle, fashion, business, culture, arts and romance. Bella Naija Blog os owned by one of Nigeria’s most famous blogger , Uche Pedro . This blog also covers fashion areas like hair styles and haircuts, celebrity fashion, styling tips  etc .

2. One Nigerian boy
One Nigerian boy is the second best fashion Blog in Nigeria which focuses on men and women’s fashion and it talks about African culture in general. If you are that person that love fashion like it your inheritance then you would sure love this blog . One Nigerian boy is owned by a UK based Nigerian guy called Terrence Sambo

3. Jadore fashion
Another best fashion blogs in Nigeria is One Nigerian boy , this blog concentrate on personal style and it is specially cretaed for all fashion lovers accross Nigeria and Africa at large .

4. Fifth and Sixth closet
This website or blog is another Nigeria blog that teaches readers how to put dress in head turning outfits. It is the fourth best Nigerian fashion blog .

5. My glamosphere
This is the best fashion blog for an  average Nigerian woman who knows what it means to look good all the time . This fashion blog is owned and updated regularly by a professional makeup artist and fashion stylist, Omobola Bolaji .

6. The Fashion Engineer
The Fashion Engineer is a fashion blog that focus on beauty, makeup, skin care and many other aspects of fashion . She frequently posts videos of how to make up , if you don’t know how to make up properly i will recommend you to visit this blog all the time as you can  learn a lot from there .

7. Madivas
Madivas publishes regular articles on different hairstyles, skin care, food & diet . Are you interested to scan through collection of fashion picture gallery ? if yes Madivas is where you should go all the time because it has so many outfits including aso ebi , corporate wears, church outfits, friday night wears and what have you .

8. Bronzegoddessng
Bronzegoddessng is a fashion blog that specialises on best skin care tips for black skin people

9. Natural Nigerian
Are you a lady blessed with natural hair and you need how to treat and maintain it properly ,visit Natural Nigerian where you can learn tips on how to take care of your Nigerian hair . This blog can also help you with finding the best place to purchase your natural products for natural hair grooming.

10. Sizelle
This blog is dedicated to teaching people how to  make homemade products for skin care using  items that can be found easily. This blog is updated by Ebun Oluwole and other writers regularly .

Other Best Fashion and Beauty blogs in Nigeria that are worthy of mention are;


And many more


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