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Thieves break into Jason Derulo’s Los Angeles mansion and take $300k of cash and jewelry

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Jason Derulo’s Los Angeles mansion was broken into by thieves who stole around $300,000 of cash and jewelery.

This was not discovered immediately as the singer is out of town, but a staff memeber found out when she visited his home on Friday.

According to SOURCE, The maid realized someone had entered and taken some things after finding a smashed window and broken door.

The Police called to the property and took a burglary report, Said That It Was An Inside Man Job but are waiting for Derulo to return home and officially identify the missing items.


  1. that really means there is no security anyway ooh anyways God help him

  2. Sorry bro but that’s really huge sum of money in Nigerian currency

  3. Wooo?! !!!

  4. God will refound your lost

  5. 300k USD is really a huge sum. Jewlries are quite expensive especially Gold. That means there is no security over there. Pls accept my sympathy

  6. Oh.. This is sad to hear.
    Is there no security there?

  7. Too bad


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