The Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2016


Nigeria, Lagos, 13th February 2001. Street vendors and commuters at Oshodi bus stop in the city center of Lagos. Photo: Onyisi Agalim / Galbe.Com horizontal, color.

Do you know the Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2016 ? i know must of you don’t know this but you ought to have much knowledge about your country which is not a good one for you . I have come to understand that most poeple don’t have a vast knowledge about their father’s land Nigeria that is why we are publishing so many articles that will reveal this knowledge to you .

It is understandable that National Population Census was suppose to do their job this year by counting the number of persons that is currently in every Nigeria state but due to the current economic recession , there where not able to meet up with this activity . For now , National Population Census  can’t do their job and census has been postponed till further notice according to revelations . The Most Populated Cities In Nigeria we are going to be listing out right now was gotten from various sources and it is revealing the statistics given to our team by the various reliable sources .

It no longer news that Lagos State has been the populated city in Nigeria like forever and it remain unquestionable .  This phenominon has been in place for a very donkey years and i know it may remain like this forever . If you have been to Lagos State you would understand so well what am talking about . In one of  the census conducted Lagos had 7,682,953 but a new figure has been release and it says Lagos State population is 17.5 million and this figure was revealed by Lagos State Government  not long ago . Meanwhile , there is latest report and it says that Lagos State population is  21,642,797, with this revelation you would agree with me that Lagos is currently the largest city in Africa not only in Nigeria .

Obviously , Kano state is the sitting at the second place on the list of Most Populated Cities In Nigeria  2016 and i will be backing it up with facts . Yes! Kano is the second largest city in Nigeria judging from the figure of it population . The Kano urban area covers 137 km2 and comprises six local government areas (LGAs) . It was clearly stated at the last census conducted that Kano was estimated as at 2,828,86 but recently revealed that Kano have increased by almost a million with 3,626,068 recorded recently .
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Most people would prefer to call this city the ancient city of Ibadan but it doesn’t matter as long as we all know what you are talking about . Ibadan is one of the largest city in Nigeria and it is at the number three spot on this list . Ibadan is Oyo state capital , at some point when census was conducted , it population stood at 1,338,659 but since the birth-rate has increased greatly and some reasonable numbers of emigrants the latest populated was said to be 3,500,000.

At the number four spot is another populous city in Nigeria, ABUJA FCT one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria you would agree with this easily if youv’e been there . This will not shock anybody because they must have expected it to be on this list . Abauja is the Nigeria’s capital territory. Abuja is situated at the center heart of Nigeria and the fastest growing city with alot of  commercial activities going on day and night. If you have been to Abuja then you would understand me when i say Nigeria has money but the truth is that it is concentrated in the pocket of few Nigerians while the rest are starving and choking .  Abuja had a population of 776,298 but this is an old estimation , the recent figure is 3,000,000.

This is almighty Port Harcourt The River state capital  and one of the most popular state in Nigeria 2016 . River state is one of the most popular state in Nigeria that every youth want’s to visit they don’t care  if they have relatives there or not they just want to go see for themself how the city looks . Most poeple especially the young people prefer to go there and start life as they believe they could find their greener pastures there . One noteworthy thing about Port Harcourt  is that the land is rich , infact Port Harcourt is one of the richest states in Nigeria because they are blessed with oil and good land with low topographical condition unlike northern state that the lands are very sloppy and hilly . Port Harcourt has not less than 2.5 million in population .

Despite the fact that many Northern State are very undeveloped and uncivilised , Kaduna is a major hub in the Northern part of Nigeria with alot of business activities going on every now and then . Kaduna the Capital territory of Kaduna state and it is far more developed than many other Northern state like Zamfara that their only work is farming . Before the last cunsus conducted in Kaduna , the population statistic revealed 760,084  . Meanwhile the last census revealed a different figure ,  1,652,844 .

This city is often refered to s the old Oyo Empire , Ogbomoso is also called ancient city just like Benin city . In March 2005, a cunsus was carried out and it revealed approximately 1,200,000, but the recent one is revealing 1,500,000.

At the eight spot we have another ancient city called Benin City where the Oba has have a say on how the state is being runned . In Benin City the king is the king and he oversees almost all matters in the state but work hand in hand with the Governor of the state . Benin city is the state capital of Edo State and it population stands out 1,147,188.

9. ABA
This city is popular for it booming  commercial activities  because of this people are always tripping into the town to establish new businesses . As a result of the commercial activities that goes down there , many town are springing up in the near by areas  . The old census figure revealed 1,020,900 while the new one is  1,277,300.

At the last spot is another Northern state Maiduguri , this city is the capital and the largest city of Borno State Nigeria . In the year 1991, census carried out revealed 618,278 number of persons but the city has since grown rapidly with a population exceeding a million by 2007. The new revelation says that the total population for Maiduguri is 1,200,000 .

There are other cities that are also very populous but could not make the top ten , they are ;
1] Ilorin 1,700,000 2] Jos 1,700,000 3] Enugu 1,500,000 4] Zaria 1,500,000 5] Abeokuta 1,000,000 6] Onitsha 1,000,000 7] Oyo 1,000,000 8] Sokoto 1,000,000 9] Warri 900,000 10] Okene 900,000

The Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2016


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