The Most Expensive House In Nigeria 2016/2017 : Pictures


The Most Expensive House In Nigeria 2016/2017 : Pictures

Nigeria is a country that is known with a less long and fancy buildings but trust me there are a lot of expensive houses in the country most of them being constructed by white men from other foreign countries . If you have travelled all corners of Nigeria then you would agree with me that these houses are structured in some major cities of Nigeria , places like Abuja , Lagos and some other few Nigerian cites. The most expensive houses (Masions) are seen in some strategic locations in Nigeria but which one is the most expensive house in Nigeria for year 2016/2017 .

You would easily understand if i tell you that the most expensive houses or massions in Nigeria are owned by Nigerian celebrities and politicians because they are only the people that have the fatest money in the country .

The most expensive houses in Nigeria are well constructed with a sophisticated look that will give you a permanent droped jaw . This houses are erected within few months while others would prefer it a little bit slower so that it can be very strong . There is this house that is said to be the most beautiful house in Nigeria and it is said to belong to one man named Okwudili Umenyiora, there is every reason for us to believe that the rare architectural expertise and creativity was his idea.

We also gathered that the massion took not less than four(4) good years to complete and the house is said to worth about $10 million . That is a huge sum man ! if you see how sophisticated this house is , you would agree with me that it is the most expenisve house in Nigeria . In case you are eager to know it feature , it has a floor televisions, indoor swimming pools, elevators to the fourth floor, and a garage with amazing decor and some expensive automobiles . We were told by an insider that the house is being maintained by five housekeepers,

outside viewexterior viewexterior garageexterior-swimming-poolfloor TVone of the sitting rooms

What a house …


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