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How to Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria 2016/2017

Are you a Nigerian and you are unemployed but need some kind of business that can put bread on your table everyday and in time to come gives you that money you need to invest on other bigger things ? are you really determined on starting a very  lucrative business in Nigeria ? if yes then this information is specially for you .

Today, we want to teach our readers how to start recharge card business in Nigeria . On this article , we are going to reveal all you need to know about Recharge Card Business in Nigeria and it basic requirements to get you started . There are thounsands of unemployed persons on the street of Nigeria they don’t have any means of income and they are much more like destitudes . Are you jobless but you are business minded and have what it takes to succeed in a business ? are you tired of sitting at home doing nothing all in the names of our Government is not doing anything to help the youths ? you can do something for yourself starting from today .

You can start earning money like a boss of your own by starting a Recharge Card Business in Nigeria. It all depends on you if you are really ready for this , you have to get yourself ready for it and if not it will be a waste of time and energy . For those ones that are ready to join the league of bosses in Nigeria you are very welcome as i introduce you to a new foray of investment .

You all know that Telecommunication giants like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL produces recharge cards for their customers so that they can keep communicating through their mobile phones . These days , Telecommunication networks like the once i mentioned above don’t produce their recharge cards themself because they are too busy doing other things this is why they entrust it to private individuals to take care of it . Meanwhile , anybody can do this provided you have the necessary equiptments to do it . What i want to do right now is teach you how to produces recharge cards for any Telecommunication network of your choice and start making money like a mayor .

Things That You Will Need

1. The very first thing you need to carry out this quest is computer with recharge card printing software  . You will need your personal computer also known as PC and the recharge card printing software .
2. You need internet access : While printing your recharge card the need to access internet might arise . This is why you are going to need  internet enable computer ( Laptop,Desktop). On this ground , internet enabled mobile device might be useless . To connect your PC to the internet you would need moderm to do so . Apart from this option , there are now some 4G LTE network that are far more better than Telecommunication networks internet access . They are faster and more reliable .
3. The most common means of  printing recharge card in Nigeria is POS machine , one of it’s advantage is that it is easy to operate . You may need one.
4. You will be needing a printer as well, another important ingredient in this business is recharge card printing users guide .
5. Capital: When i say you require capital to start up your recharge card printing business in Nigeria , i didn’t mean you need millions or billions to start up . The major  reason you need a capital is to purchase pins from dealers who sell in bulk .
6. Computer with Internet access : Although, you might not need to own a personal computer but because of security risk of hackers who may hack your mail to see your purchased pins.

The Recharge Card Dealers

Becomig a recharge card dealer is not quite easy , this might take you some amount of money amounting to N15 million . The simple fact is that recharge card dealers are the bigger boys in the business because they make the highest profit when it comes to recharge card business because they deal directly with the telecommunication companies. I think you understand the simple logic here very well , so if you want to become a dealer you have to find that money .

The Recharge Card Sub-Dealers

Another branch of recharge card printing business in Nigeria is Recharge Card Sub-Dealers and i will tell you what it means . This people are the once who sell directly to retailers after buying from dealers because they deal directly with the dealers . To become a recharge card Sub-Dealer in Nigeria , you will need about N200,000 to N600,000 for a start .

The Recharge Card Retailers

These are the common recharge card sellers at the grass root . You can call them the recharge card sellers , they are found in streets, shops, markets e.t.c . People often prefer to venture into this category because it doesn’t require large capital . You can start yours with N6,000 to N10,000 maybe N15,000 will be better .

Benefits of Recharge Card Printing In Nigeria

1. As a recharge card dealer in Nigeria you are entitled to be given a free chair and table by your service provider.
2. As a recharge card dealer in Nigeria you will be charge at a lower rate whenever you make call with your phone.
3. You will automatically became rich , that is if you are able to manage your recharge card business efficiently.

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