Skiibii Biography- Age, Net Worth, Songs & Career



Skiibii Biography- Age, Net Worth, Songs & Career

Today, we want to give you a comprehensive Biography of Five Star Music artiste, Skiibii and we are going to be looking closely at his real name, songs, net worth, age,awards ,educational background,early life and everthing you need to know about Skiibii .

His real name is Abbey Elias better addressed as Skiibii Mayana aka Swaggerlee of Africa , is a Nigerian singer and songwriter currently signed to Five Star Music . The name Skiibii originated in his early years, when his jovial uncle nicknamed him Skiibii. Gradually , his parents began to call him the name and sometimes they even forget his real name because they actively call him Skiibii . While his uncle was revealing what him meant by the name Skiibii, he said that ‘Skiibii’ means “a smart and sharp person” and “mayana” is a Spanish word which means tomorrow or future. His date of birth is July 5th 1992 and he is currently 24 years old as at November 2016.
skiibii-1Skiibii Mayana as he is widely called, started music during his secondary school days just like many other Nigerian musicians . He initially started as a rapper . From rap, he got to study the increased influence of Afrobeat sounds, hence he switched to secular music.

He revealed in a recent chat with Encomium that music has always been his thing right from his day one on this earth . His early desire was to become a professional singer , see what he said in a chat with Encomium.

“Music has always been in me. Music is my life. I started music when I was in JSS 1, I started with rap with my friends.” Skiibii said.

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The Five Star Music artiste faced some challenges when he started music officially . He said things didn’t go well when he  made the announcement to his parents about his choice of career. His mother was in full support of his choice of career but his father was not . His father was strongly against his son delving into music . When he was aksed what kind of music genre he is doing , he said he has no specific genre. His personalised sound is termed ‘Good Music’, which include many music genres like pop, Reggae, and R&B.
skiibii-4On 24 December 2014, Skiibii was signed to Five Star Music led by Kcee and owned by his younger brother E-Money . After being signed to Five Star Music, he was given  a brand new  2014 Hyundai SUV for a start and if you ask me that was a lavish signing per se.

He officially become a member of Five Star Music on December 24, 2014 and he has since been actively involved with Kcee and Harry Song who are the old artistes under  Five Star Music.

“I have been with Five Star for two years and since KCee split with Presh and we have been working together, doing good music. “It feels really great. Five Star Music is a very big platform. A lot of people have been expecting my song. I am finally releasing a single so, I am so happy.” Skiibii told Encomium in 2014.

His debut single under Five Star Music Record Label was released in January 2015 . The highly anticipated song was a catchy dancehall tune which featured the record label front line singer, Kcee . He has also been featured in other songs like ‘Kilimanjaro’.
skiibii-5Skiibii Death Prank (Faking his Death)

August 14, 2015 , there was this news that was oozing around the net that Skiibi is dead. This news was beleived by everybody to be true and it contained that the singer died in the early hours of Friday, August 14, 2015 in his home. It was later revealed by Five Star Music’s leading act KCee that Skiibii is not death as he is very healthy and fine . Fans later understand that the faking of his death was to promote his new single ‘Sampu’. Meanwhile, He was on a media promotional tour for the single before the rumor started making round .

Skiibii Net Woth
His net Woth is coming soon . It hasn’t been estimated at this time.


Aya Mi
Stay With Me
Follow D Ladder
Ah Skiibii
Ah Skiibii Remix Feature Olamide Baddo
Skiibii Manyana: Quick Facts You Should Know About Artiste Who Allegedly Faked His Own Death

→He was born on July 5, 1992 (He’s 23 years old)
→He hails from Lagos State, from a family of two boys and a girl. (Skiibii is the last child)
→He had his education at Victoria children school, GCL Government College and University of Ado-Ekiti.
→He started music professionally in 2008 when his mum died.
→His first single was recorded in 2006 it was titled ‘Always on my mind’.
→His paths crossed with Five Star Music in 2011 through Soso Soberekon and he got signed officially to the label on December 24, 2014.
→Skiibii Mayana, aka Swaggerlee of Africa was born Abbey Elias.
→He is a Surulere boy
→He started music in secondary school, where he was a rapper
→His Official Music career however started in 2008
→Akon is his music role model
→His first official single was released in January 2015.
→The video has amassed over 63,000 views
→Skiibii also was featured in a single by producer Chimbalin, titled ‘Kilimanjaro’

How many likes for this singer ….


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