Shiloh 2016 Winners Chapel-Theme,Date,Venue:“MY CASE IS DIFFERENT”



Updated : Shiloh 2016 is starting tomorrow the 6th of December, 2016 . Hello Winners Chapel Church members , are you all ready for Shiloh 2016 MY CASE IS DIFFERENT” ? get ready for the blessings and miracles that comes with Shiloh 2016 . To watch Shiloh 2016 online please clich HERE . For Shiloh 2016 viewing centres hit HERE

Shiloh 2016 Winners Chapel-Theme,Date,Venue:My Case Is Different #Shiloh 2016(“MY CASE IS DIFFERENT”)

Has it occurred to you that Winners Chapel Living Faith Church Shiloh 2016 is around the corner and will start soon . This years Shiloh 2016 Prophetic Theme is “MY CASE IS DIFFERENT” #Shiloh2016 and we are going to be giving all you all the information you need to equipt yourself as the date of Shiloh 2016 draws nearer.

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That was by the way , this main reason for the creation of this article is to give an insight of Shiloh 2016 to targeted audience who it may concern . Shiloh 2016 is the next annual prophetic event after a successful conclusion of Shiloh 2015 themed From Glory to Glory .

Shiloh 2015 From Glory to Glory | Winners Chapel of Living Faith Church ended on a delighted note as members of the church that partake in this annual prophetic event had many reasons to give thnaks to God with lots of testimonies across the world. The slogan for Shiloh 2015 was “From Glory to Glory” and the response is “That is where I am going to in the year 2016”.

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Winners Chapel members, are you all ready for Shiloh 2016 ? your response should be a mighty YES! because this years Shiloh that is themed “MY CASE IS DIFFERENT” will be starting on December 6 – 13, 2016 . At the end of this programme , we shall all have reasons to smile just like we all did in 2015 Shiloh . This Shiloh 2016 is promising a miracle packed programme and you all are expected to come to this christain gathering that will be happening life and direct at Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State (This is the Venue of Shiloh 2016).


Shiloh 2016 Venue

The venue for Shiloh 2016 where the annual prophetic gathering will be taking place is at Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State .

As soon as the event kicks off we will be bringing you the  LIVE TELECAST and LIVE STREAMING

Shiloh 2016 Date

The date for this Shiloh 2016 themed My Case Is Different #Shiloh2016 is December 6 – 13, 2016 . You are all directed to get your self prepare for this fully packed miracle and testimony programme.

SHILOH themes so far:

1999: Encounter with destiny
2000: Heaven on Earth
2001: From glory to glory
2002: What wisdom is this!
2003: All things are possible
2004: Showers blessings
2005: Possessing your possessions.
2006:Destined to win
2007: More than conquerors
2008: Manifestation of The sons of God
2009: Hour of restoration
2010: Breakthroughs unlimited
2011: Waves of glory
2012:Double Portion
2013: Exceeding grace
2014:Heaven on earth
2015: From glory to glory.
2016: My case is different

What is in Shiloh 2016 for me?


Please note that this page will be updated soon…

Jesus is Lord!



  1. Please how can i watch shiloh 2016

    • You can watch with your laptom or mobile phone from the search for shiloh 2016 live. or, search for David Oyedepo ministries inc, then look for shiloh 2016 live broadcast. Or
      visit living faith church a.k.a Winners Chapel in your location.

      • Great…. This way I can be in Shiloh anywhere. .. Thank You Lord

  2. If you go onto the website and click on media you should be able to watch. Sunday services also shows on there.

  3. please i need shilo 2016
    expectation card

  4. Pls what the response to my case is different


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