Salary Structure of Nigerian Lecturers: How Much Nigerian Professor Earn(Monthly)


This post will talk about Salary Structure of Nigerian Lecturers because many people has been longing to know how much a Nigerian Professor earn and some of the questions we have been getting from fans are revealed below: This questions are channeled to us via phone calls and email address on our contact form.

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One of the best profession in Nigeria today is lecturing and this lecturing job has become one of the highest paying job today which is an obvious reason why every Nigerian graduate want’s to venture into rather resort to. There is this wise saying by some Vibrant Nigerians that  academic system is where the best profession lies. We know that must of you out there might be wondering how much a professor is paid for lecturing. The simple truth is that university and polytechnic lecturers  in Nigeria earn well and it is one of the top 10 best jobs in Nigeria today as they are also treated with respect in the society.

In Nigeria today, lecturers are among the richest people and they are living very comfortable in their various homes. Universities and Polytechnics lecturers are the highest paid people in the education sector of a country like Nigeria . We are also aware that some of them are not earning enough though, to take care of their family needs but they might get promoted as time goes on and their salary will be hiked. Before anyone is given a full time lecturing job , they have to start as a graduate assistant before you climb higher in the lecturing tree . That is to say, you have to start from the button and gradually climb to the apex and become a senior lecturer . At this point you start earning big which is the goal from day one of your lecturing career.

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There is no cause for heebie-jeebies for those once that wants to become lecturers because they might not know how their monthly or yearly salary would look like, your salary as a Nigerian lecturer depends on the level. Senior lecturers earn more than the assistant lecturer that is just starting his journey as a lecturer.

This post is specially created for those people that wants to become a lecturer in the future and wants to know how Nigerian lecturer are paid and for those OVERZEALOUS /OVER-SABI PEOPLE that just want to know this for enlightenment purpose. In our recent research on how lecturers manage their time, our respondents(lecturers) disclosed that lecturing job is very stressful but i am very amaze that no lecturer has quite his/her job on that ground. The truth is that no work is easy that is more reason it need to be managed in terms of time and stress.

Salaries of Nigerian Lecturers (Monthly and annually Salary Scale)

→Lecturer II earns N1,649,509 to N1,979,640 yearly.
→ Lecturer I is paid N2,079,996 to N2,684,010 per annum.
→ Senior Lecturer earns N3,091,505 to 4,455,506 per annum.
→ Reader earns N3,768,221 to N5,004,750 Naira yearly.
→A Professor in Nigeria earns N4,580,349 – N6,020,163 yearly.



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