Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2016/2017



Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria 2016/2017 And Their Net Worth

There have been a lot of agitations and speculations among fuji fans as regards to who and who are the Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria  2016 and this matter has been trending for years . At this moment, Nigerian Info Box Blog is officially intervening on this matter . This quest is to reveal those Fuji musicians that are the richest in Nigeria today .

Fans has been airing out their opinion concerning the richest fuji musician in Nigeria as well as the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria 2016 . We are engaging on this quest because of the controversy about whom the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria is, at the end of this article it would now be clear on whom or who are the richest fuji artistes in Nigeria . Before we go further on this post , we want to take out time to give a precise definition of Fuji Music because it is not possible that everybody knows what fuji music means . Fuji music is a type of music that  encompasses Aro, Afro,Sakara, Apala, juju, gudugudu and high life . Now that we all know what we mean by the word Fuji music , let’s go straight to business of today which is revealing to our fans the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria 2016 .

There is a lot of change in Nigeria Music Industry and it no longer shocking that Fuji music has become a “hot cake” in Nigeria today with hordes of artist vecturing into the music genre . In time past , Fiji music was not accepted by many and because of this fact it was very impossible for it to go viral . But fast farward to 2016 , fuji music is now one of the most soughted after music in Nigeria . Resulting from this fact, fuji musicans has been able to make alot of cash from the business putting them among the richest musicians in Nigeria today .

It worthy to note that Fuji music is more dominant in the Western part of the country.The Yorubas listen and dance to Fuji music in any occasion whether its a birthday party, marriage ceremony etc, Fuji music is their kind of song . Fuji musicians are from the Western part of of Nigeria and Yoruba is their dialect.

1. Ayinde Wasiu Marshal – Net worth is N750 Million

Ayinde1KWAM 1 (King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall)  is no doubt the richest Fuji musician in Nigeria and he currently has over 50 albums to his name. His net worth is estimated at N750 Million and he is generally addressed as the richest fuji musicians in Nigeria  .

The fuji musician was born on March 1957 in Lagos , Nigeria. Ayinde Wasiu Marshal once revealed in an interview that he grew up loving music and his dream to become a Fuji musician has been actualise .

2. Abass Akande Obesere – Net worth is N500 million

Abass Akande Obesere
At the number two spot is another talented and rich fuji musician called Abass Akande Obesere with an estimated  Net worth of N500 million . As far as Fuji music is concerned in Nigeria , Abass Akande Obesere is one of the big fish and  most respected personality in Fuji music .

Abass Akande Obesere  is that Fuji musician that has travelled far and wide , he has also performed on  local and international stages . He has houses and automobiles .

3. Pasuma Wonder – Net worth is N455 Million

Pasuma WonderAt the third spot is another big name is the Fuji music , his name is Pasuma Wonder  and i beleive you can’t say you don’t know him because he is one of the most famous Fuji star in Nigeria . I am not a Fuji lover but i have been hearing this name since i was a child . When it comes to popularity , Pasuma Wonder is not left out because his name is one of the strongest and most feared name in the Fuji Music Business . Couple of years ago, Pasuma Wonder was the richest fiju artistes in Nigeria but has been unseated from that spot .

4. Saheed Osupa – Net worth is N450 Million

osupaOn the fourth spot is another wealthy Fuji Musician named Saheed Osupa occupying this spot with an estimated net worth of N450 Million . According to his profile, he started singing in 1983 and hard work has placed him in the list of  richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria 2016/2017 . He is an indigene of Oyo state .

This Top 4 richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016/2017 was created by Nigerian Info Box Blog .


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