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Comedians in Nigeria

There are a lot of prominent comedians in Nigeria who have been able to aquire wealth for themself with the help of their lucrative career . But that is not the case because we want to use this opportunity to list out the Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2017. Nigeria has alot of talents that covers many area like singing , dancing and what have you… But who is the richest Nigerian comedian rather comedians this is what we are going to be uncovering this munite . The Nigerian Entertainment Industry has witnessed several upgrade from the old time to the new age of it development , musicians are making cash for themself and we have the likes of P Square , Wizkid, Olamide etc while Actresses are also doing very fine and comedians on the other hand are now smiling to the bank because their hustle is really paying well these days .

We have more than one hundred popular comedians in Nigeria , some are very famous while some are still trying to make name for themself . What we want to unveil right now is the richest /wealthiest Nigerian comedian which brings us the big question ”Who are the richest comedians in Nigeria 2017  .

The Most Anthicipated Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria 2017

1. Ali Baba
The richest comedian in Nigeria 2017 is the unbeatable and unseatable Ali Baba who is also one of the fore founders of Nigerian comedy business . As far as Nigerian comedy business is concerned Ali Baba is the highest payed and he has mentor many comedians as well . He has connection with Nigerian past presidents and other popular politicians and they often pay him to entertain them as well.
He has houses in all corners of Nigeria , his Lekki mansion is said to value not less than N300 million Naira and he also have other businesses that pile up his bank account . in addition, Ali Baba is a motivational speaker besides his comedy business.

2. Basketmouth
Basketmouth is another big boy in the Nigerian comedy business . His sponteanous manner of delivering his jokes make him outstanding . He can effortlessly make joke out of anything he see when on stage , i will personally say that he is blessed . Basketmouth is one of Nigerian comedians that doesn’t joke with his hustle and he is equal to the task anytime and day .
The ace comedian is a Brand Ambassador for companies like Globacom Ltd. ,Amstel Malta and he is also a host for Sound City . Basketmouth has taken his Basketmouth Uncensored comedy show to many countries including  London, America and South Africa .

3. I Go Dye
At the third spot is another gifted comedian who the father all warri comedians and his name is almighty I Go Dye . Don’t confuse them , we have I Go Save and this one i am talking about is I Go Dye. This man is ever slim despite the money he has he still remian slim because that is his original physique . He is said to own revamp construction, this construction comapny deals in real estate properties and road construction.

4. Julius Agwu
Julius Agwu is one comedian that stand out from the horde . He once delved into politics and without wasting much time jumped out of it because he thought it wise for him to go into something different that he is so much interested and passionate about . He is the organizer of crack your ribs and laugh for Christ sake , he is also a writer and loves automobiles alot .

5. AY
AY is one of the most packaged comedians in Nigeria due to his style that can’t be find else where . His A.Y Live comedy show pays him alot of money and it one source of his big income . Not just that alone , he also owns an event company and MVP club. His real name is Ayo Makun but most people don’t know this . One thing that is unique about him is that he add swag to the business , he is loved by all because of the way he package his show .

Others Nigerian comedians worthy of mention are ;

  • Gordons
  • Gbenga Adeyinka
  • Yaw
  • Tee-A
  • Okey Bakkasi
  • Seyi Law
  • Bovi

If you are an upcoming  comedian and you want to be like them and earn reasonable cash on every show you put up, just work harder and harder trust me you will get there sooner than later .


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