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This Is The Reason Behind Kate Henshaw’s Happiness And Youthfulness

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Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw who is closer to 50 than 40 but looks 22 has revealed the secret behind her youthful looks  in an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats.

Known for her great love for dancing, Actress Kate Henshaw , as she is fondly called, said she has always loved music.

 “Music is the food of love and it is for the soul. If they are playing good music anywhere and you refuse to dance, then you are evil. I mean when everyone around you is on their feet, sweating it out on the dance floor and you remain on your seat, are you the devil? Music is from the heart and since I choose to be happy, anywhere they play good music, I start to dance. That is the secret of my happiness and that is what makes me look young. I am happy all the time.”

Also known to be a fitness enthusiast, The actress revealed that ever since she discovered the benefits of exercising about 7 years ago, she has not visited a hospital in the past five years.

“I began to really do exercises about seven years ago and the benefits are just numerous. I can see the changes in my body and my health is great. I have not been to the hospital in five years. Before I began to exercise, I used to have malaria, fever or typhoid almost every month but I have not been to the hospital for anything and I know it is because of the exercise and the fact that I decided to choose a healthy lifestyle. The more you exercise your body, the stronger you get. I keep pushing my limits at the gym because that is what I am supposed to do. Athletes and people who cherish their health never stop training, they keep going,” said the actress.


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