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Rapper Lil Kesh Biography, Age , Early Life And Net Worth


Lil Kesh

This week we are going to be looking into the personal life of one of our best Nigerian rapper Lil Kesh but his full/real name is  Ololade  keshinro . We are about to unveil the biography of a prominet Nigerian rapper who goes by the name  Ololade  keshinro with the stage name Lil Kesh . On that note it is reasonable for you to understand that this post is titled Rapper Lil Kesh Biography, Age , Early Life And Latest News .

At this point we want to bring you the comprehensive biography of Nigerian rapper Lil Kesh . Ololade  keshinro was born on the 14th March, 1995 in Lagos state Nigeria . The Lagos state rapper is currently studying in Lagos State University (UNILAG) studying Linguistics, he is now in 300Level as at 2016 because the last time i checked in 2014 he was still in 100Level  . He will go into music full time by the time he is done with his studies but right now he juggle his studies with his musical hustle and it is working for him . Even in the midst of his busy schedules he has been able to released several singles and already has an album in the market .

Lil Kesh was initially signed to YBNL (Yahoo Boy No Laptop) by the label boss , Olamide Baddo but he left the record label this year 2016 as soon as his record deal expired . Olamide signed Lil Kesh  with the help of his formal label mate Viktoh who is also doing great as his musical career is enjoying its best moments.

There is this saying that goes like this ‘Anytime wothwhile is  not easy to get’ , Lil Kesh getting to the top of his game wasn’t that easy for him because his parents weren’t that bouyant  and he had to hustle for himself as there was no body to depend on . Though, his parent are not rich but there weren’t very poor as they are those type that could afford 3 square meal but Lil Kesh got a dream that he believe can push him to the top and become somebody to emulate in life . Today , Lil Kesh is one of the most soughted after Nigerian rapper that is currently killing shows and making waves in Nigeria and abroad.

Viktoh introduced Lil kesh to YBNL CEO , Olamide with the song   “Lyricaly”, he listened to the song several times and made up his mind to sign him as soon as possible because he saw the talent in him . One thing i can also observe is that Olamide and Lil Kesh singing style are almost thesame if not totally thesame . As God will have it , Olamide was that good type that will also enjoy helping others who possess the talent to do the unthinkable , he accepted Lil Kesh not just as his artiste both also has his brother from another mother .

Fast forward to 2016 , Lil kesh need no introduction as he is now one of the biggest rappers in town . He left YBNL to found his own Record Label called YAGI (Young And Getting It), you can imagine how big he has become . He has successfully performed on several big stages which makes him so popular, his singles are hot and that is one thing that is spectacular about this young rapper . Some of his songs are :
1. Is it Because I Love You
2. Gbese
3. Efuejoku
4. I No Well
5. OKamfo

Just to mention a few .

Awards And Endorsements
Theyoung rapper (Lil Kesh) currently have Endorsements at this time .

Amazing Things To Know About Lil Kesh
1. Lil Kesh is a crowd puller
2. Lil Kesh loves to play game
3. He is a full Bariga boy  and never ashamed to say it
4. Lil Kesh  started music officially in 2012.
5.  He became famous after releasing LYRICALLY , that was why Olamide signed him .
6.  He is a student at UniLag, (University of Lagos) studying Linguistics.
7. Lil Kesh was Born on 14th of March 1995, you can deduce his real age from this year.
8. Lil Kesh loves Dogs and they are like his best pet
9. Most people call him KESH ,aka “the shoki-master.

Lil Kesh Net Worth

Unknown at this time

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