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Popular Musician Friend says Dark Slim Girls are Good for maids

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A statement which got everyone ranting on Social media especially the ladies said why would James Atuma speak badly about the ladies who are slim and dark.

James Atuma is a friend of popular musician Flavour.

He took to his Instagram handle and made a post which said Light skin ladies should be used as side chicks while Dark Slim ladies should be used as Maids.

Now the Question for us to answer is this, which category of girls should be the Wife material?

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  1. every matured lady is a wife material, but God should give us bone of our bone, not all men are husband material too.

  2. Every matured lady is a wife material

    I guess it their type that seduce their maids
    Cuz y will he say a lady of a particular shape or complexion sud be good for housemaid

  3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, everybody have his/her choice so I must say he just said his mind besides the one he referred as a maid might be another person’s wife so that’s life for you

  4. which category of ladies is nw good to marry? marriage is not for babies like him he better grow up


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