Poorest States in Nigeria 2016 The Top 10


Poorest States in Nigeria 2016 The Top 10

Africa is a very large continent and in it we have several rich and poor countries . We are going to be focusing on Nigeria in particular , that is because this is our interest on this discussion . Nigeria is a country that is blessed with several natural resources , mineral resources among which crude oil is the most important resources that the country can boost of . Nigeria is made up of 36 states which are expecteded to contribute financially and otherwise to the growth of the country because they are expected to be productive based on their available natural resources .

Nigeria is a developing country and at such there are several states that are currrently doing well while others are finding it very hard to progress which can be traced to several reasons . The reasons for poor states in Nigeria  can be traced to several causes , they are infrastructural development, state of economy, literacy level, security and poor governance which have a long way to determine the growth of any economy .

The reason for us creating this post is to reveal the poorest states in Nigeria 2016 , we are going to be revealing the top ten poorest states in Nigeria so that those people who were not clear will now know .

Meanwhile , the rating of the top 10 Poorest States in Nigeria is based on the sustainability Index of each state, on this context , it will consider factors like Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), Recurrent Expenditure and the Total Debt of each State. That is to say that these two factors will be a determinant of the rating because it takes them into consideration .

Please you are to take note of the key terms
That is:
Internally Generated Revenue
Calculation of the Sustainability Index
Total Debt Stock
Recurrent Expenditure

Calculation of the Sustainability Index
Index A ==> Revenue Generated / IGR + Derivation + Vat
Index B ==> Revenue Generated / Total Revenue
Index C ==> Total Debt Stock / Total Revenue

This is the rating and it is top 10

1. Plateau State
2. Osun
3. Nassarawa
4. Gombe state
5. Jigawa state
6. Zamfara
7. Plateau state
8. Ebonyi state
9. Ogun
10. Yobe

In fact, the poorest states in Nigeria are the northern states .


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