(NSCDC) Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Ranks


(NSCDC) Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Ranks

For those of you that are interested in joining Nigeria Civil Defence or Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps abbrievated as (NSCDC), here is the complete rank structure . The pay of any Nigeria Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) official depend on his or her rank , before applying for NSCDC job it is reasonable for you to known how much you will be earning per month to have a clear insight of what you are up against.

This is what Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is all about and what they are recruited to do

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) is a paramilitary agency and it is empowered by lay Act No 2 of 2003 and the Act was amended on the 4th of June, 2007. This agancy was founded during ex Nigeria’s president Obasanjo civilian regime . The main reason behind the creation of this agency was to provide safety measures against any form of disaster, attack or threat against the citizens of Nigeria. NSCDC officials are in possession of guns just like other Nigerian military agancies like army, Navy and whay have you.

Just like every other military agencies in Nigeria have their rank, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps  also have their own rank too. NSCDC rank structure is more like ranks in the Nigerian Police, Army, Navy, Airforce and FRSC . They only have little distinctions in their ranking . The highest rank at the apex of their chain of command is Commandant General while the lowest rank at the grass root is Assistant Cadet .

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Just like the Nigerian NAvy and Army they also have both commissioned and non commissioned officers as well as  the Cadre and the Superintendent Cadre. What determine the pay of any NSCDC officer is based on the certificate with which the individual is given an appointment.

Nigeria Civil Defence Corps Ranks

→Commandant General is on level 8
→Deputy commandant General is on level 17
→Assistant Commandant General is on level 16
→Chief Commander is on level 15
→Deputy Commander is on level 14
→Assistant Commander is on level 13
→Chief Superintendent Cadre is on level 12
→Superintendent Cadre is on level 11
→Deputy Superintendent Cadre is on level 10
→Assistant Superintendent Cadre I is on level 9
→Assistant Superintendent Cadre II is on level 8
→Inspectorate Cadre is between levels 6 and 12.
→Assistant Cadre is from level 3 to 5. This is the lowest cadre in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

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  1. pls notify when the form is out so I can be part of nscdc.nscdc is doing great and I am really proud of you.

  2. Pls sir when the form is out inform.thro.08113361800


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