Nigerian Senator Salary Structure, How Much Nigerian Senators Earn


Nigerian politicians are no doubt the wealthiest people in Nigeria and in thesame vein, Nigerian Senator are among the richest people in Nigerian because of their fat salary . Despite the fact that we all know that this is true but most of us don’t know the exact salary that Nigerian Senator earn monthly or annually , that is why i bring this topic before you right now to reveal Nigerian Senator Salary Structure so that i can finally answer those fans that are only interested in  how much a Nigerian Senator earn monthly and annually.

We have published a post on Nigerian Police Salary Structure and we completely did justice to it and at the end we were able to uncover to our readers on how much a Nigerian Police officer earn monthly and annually .

For the sake of our readers who wants to know how much a Nigerian Senator earn we had to go on research and we were able to gather some fact as regards to this topic . This information here on Nigerian Senator Salary Structure is a report from the National Institute of Legislative Studies released for public consumption so as to clear the air on public  assumption on how much Nigerian Senators earn  .

Nigerian Senator Salary Structure

Nigerian Senator annual basic salary – N2,026,400,00 (Annually)
Nigerian House of Representatives annual basic salary – N1,985,212, 50 (Annually)

Allowances :
Nigerian Senator – N12, 902, 360.00 (Annually)
House of Representatives member – N9,525,985.50 (Annually)

Nigerian Senator and House of Representatives member allowances cover these expenses , Allowances are given to take care of bills like Personal Assistant, Entertainment, Recess, Utilities, Vehicle fueling/maintenance, Constituency, Accommodation, Domestic Staff, Newspaper/Periodicals, Houses Maintenance, furniture, Wardrobe, Estacode,  Duty Tour , vehicle loan, etc

It is reasonable to compare and contrast this pay with that of other countries like United States,Philippines,United Kingdom ,India ,Tanzania ,Kenya , Australia …

United States of America senate – $3,409,422
Tanzania – $230,961.
Kenya – $968,013 annually
Philippines annual basic salary – $4, 497,957
Australia – $646,230
United Kingdom – £494,285.43
India – $474,484
US House of Representatives – $1,429,909 annually
Singapore – $253,469,


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