Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure 2017


Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure 2017

We are all aware that Nigerian Customs Service 2017 recruitment will be kicking off anytime soon and i know most of you must be longing and eager to have a clear insight of how much Nigerian Customs Service pay their workers . The pay of any Nigerian Customs officer depends on the rank he or she is, this is why we want to reveal Nigerian Customs Service Salary Scale Structure .

Not too long ago, Nigeria Customs Service celebrated the increase of their salaries . It is worthy to note that the new salary structure is also know as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS). This increase of salary also touched the allowances for Para-military personnel. The Federal Government made the decision to increase their salary because Nigerian Custom Services is able to meet up to its annual financial expectations .

The monthly Salary doesn’t just come alone , it is accompanied with some allowances and basic salary like transport allowance and meal subsidy. It is very ideal you that this allowances of Nigerian customs are given to specific staff and not all staffs. Below are some allowances consolidated in it, this allowances accrued to the Nigeria Customs Service officers apart from their basic salary.

→Utility allowance
→Transport allowance
→Meal subsidy
→General Services allowance
→House maintenance allowance
→Hazards allowance
→Personal Servant
→Uniform maintenance allowance
→Torchlight allowance
→Hardiness allowance
→Plain-Cloth allowance
→Detective allowance
→Furniture allowance

You might be wondering why  rent allowance is not part of the allowances mentioned above. The reason is that the accomodation of many Nigerian customs service  officers are provided by the Government. But for those who do not have accomodation given to them by Government they are normally directed to seek accommodation elsewhere while their accommodation allowances included among their salaries . No Customs officers that is restricted from benefiting from this allowances but it might be given to selected officers .

It is anthicipated that top cadres will receive more on accommodation allowance while lower cadres receive less. We gathered that the least paid Customs officer will earn a total salary of N29,779 per month. Thesame person can earn an additional N4,740 as rent subsidy that is if he or she does not occupy Government. We couldn’t get the exact figure of the salary structure of the Nigerian customs officers according to their ranks.


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