Nigeria Postal Code — Postal Code for Nigeria States


What Is Nigeria’s Postal Code? Postal Code for Nigeria States

Most people still don’t know the right postal code for their state and it’s not a good one at all . Funny enough , some poeple don’t even know what posal code or codes means and incase you don’t know this please read through the lines carefully . Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. NIPOST , Nigerian Postal Service, has  divided the country into nine different regions, which make up the first digit of the code. While the second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting . And lastly , the last three digits are for delivery purposes .
postal-code-2Most times,  letters, parcels and goods are not delivered to their right destinations and that can only be caused by one thing , they will always get missing because they are tagged with the wrong postal codes and it will go to that wrong postal codes they were tagged with which is very unfortunate for the the person atthe receiving end .

Some people think all Nigerian locations use only one postal code which is very wrong . Please note that all areas within Nigeria have a unique postal codes that is specially assigned to that area . So, if you are living in Abuja that use postal code (Abuja 900001) don’t think that this code is for all Nigerian state , it is only for Abuja alone .

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It has also come to our notice that most of you mistake Nigeria Zip code for Postal code, please they are two different and distinct thing . Postal codes are longer than Zip code , Zip code starts with + while Postal code starts with normal digit . To avoid making any mistakes and getting the right postal code for your location, use the Nigerian postal service postcode system (@ . This portal provides you the correct postal code after requesting for your state, town, area, and locality .

Postal Code for Abuja ==>  900001
Postal Code for Abia ==>  440001
Postal Code for Adamawa ==>  640001
Postal Code for Akwa-Ibom ==>  520001
Postal Code for Anambra ==>  420001
Postal Code for Bauchi ==>  740001
Postal Code for Borno ==>  600001
Postal Code for Kebbi ==>  860001
Postal Code for Kogi ==>  260001
Postal Code for Kwara ==>  240001
Postal Code for Lagos (Island) ==>  101001
Postal Code for Lagos (Mainland) ==>  100001
Postal Code for Niger ==>  920001
Postal Code for Ogun ==>  110001

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Postal Code for Ondo ==>  340001
Postal Code for Osun ==>  230001
Postal Code for Oyo ==>  200001
Postal Code for Plateau ==>  930001
Postal Code for Rivers ==>  500001
Postal Code for Sokoto ==>  840001
Postal Code for Taraba ==>  660001
Postal Code for Yobe ==>  320001
Postal Code for Ebonyi ==>  840001
Postal Code for Delta ==>  320001
Postal Code for Edo ==>  300001
Postal Code for Enugu ==>  400001
Postal Code for Imo ==>  460001
Postal Code for Jigawa ==>  720001
Postal Code for Kano ==>  700001
Postal Code for Kaduna ==>  800001
Postal Code for Katsina ==>  820001

This is the correct postal codes for all Nigeria’s states.


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