Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure Scale (New)


Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure Scale (New)

Last time we discussed on Nigeria Civil Defence Corps Ranks and today we are going to be talking about Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) Salary Structure Scale . One job that has turn into hot cake for Nigerians is Military job and don’t be shocked to hear that very soon (NSCDC) also known as The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps will be kicking off their annual recruitment . As an applicant for NSCDC recruitment and for the sake of knownledge you should be able to have a clear idea regarding the Salary Structure Scale of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

Knowledge they say is power , it will add to your awraeness/information achive if you know the latest Nigeria Civil Defence Salary Structure Scale. In military jobs , the salary of officers varies and the level of the officer determine his or her monthly salary.

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The fact that The salary of any NSCDC officer is based on the certificate with which the individual applied for the job is not far-fetch. That is to say that the weight of your educational certificate determines how you will be paid and the level you will be placed. This is how it works, If the individual is a graduate, he is positioned at Level 8. An HND holder is placed on Level 7. A medical doctor is placed on level 12. A lawyer is placed on level 9. A master’s degree holder on the other side is placed on level 9. If you are an NSCDC officer on level 8 you are called an Assistant Superintendent cadre and you can recieve up to N121,000 monthly . An Inspectorate Cadre on Level 7 would recieve up to N69,000 monthly or per month basis.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Salary Structure 2017
Here they are;
→Commandant General is on level 8
→Deputy commandant General is on level 17
→Assistant Commandant General is on level 16
→Chief Commander is on level 15
→Deputy Commander is on level 14
→Assistant Commander is on level 13
→Chief Superintendent Cadre is on level 12
→Superintendent Cadre is on level 11
→Deputy Superintendent Cadre is on level 10
→Assistant Superintendent Cadre I is on level 9
→Assistant Superintendent Cadre II is on level 8
→Inspectorate Cadre is between levels 6 and 12.
→Assistant Cadre is from level 3 to 5. This is the lowest cadre in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.


I know you might be wondering when 2017/2018 Nigeria Civil Defence recruitment will start, don’t panic yet because an announcement will be made here once it begins.

This information is subject to periodic update!



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