MTN BlackBerry Subscription Plans & Activation Codes Here


A comprehensive List of all MTN BlackBerry Subscription Plans And Activation Codes is correctly listed here for all existing and prospective MTN Blackberry users .

For most people, MTN BlackBerry Subscription Plans is the best on earth while some they may not see anything special about MTN BlackBerry internet but the truth is that this might happen due to different experiences . There are several internet service provider in Nigeria but MTN stands out because they are outstanding and they cover everywhere in Nigeria and Africa atlarge .

Most times people port from other network to MTN for several reasons , they own Android and Smert phone . Often times they want to access internet on their devices , but they don’t know how to do that as a result of this they end up searching key words on search engines so that they can get the information on how to get their mobile phone browsing . Keywords like “mtn blackberry activation code, airtel blackberry subscription, mtn blackberry activation, mtn blackberry 10 subscription , mtn blackberry unlimited subscription , mtn blackberry subscription code for one day, mtn blackberry subscription cheat and mtn bis activation code” .

Our job here on this portal is to adequately provide our readers with all useful informations on how they can solve their problem on their own after reading our guide . For those MTN users that need Blackberry internet on their mobile phone , we want to provide them with all MTN Blackberry Subscription Plans, their corresponding activation codes and Prices .

PRICE ==> N1, 500
VALIDITY ==> Monthly
Send Keyword To 21600 ==>     BIS

Weekly Plan
Price==> N599
Send Keyword To 21600 ==>     BBWEEK

Daily Plan
Price==> N120
Send Keyword To 21600 ==> BBDAY

Monthly PLan
Price==> N1000
Send Keyword To 21600 ==> BBC


Weekly Plan
Price==> N499
Send Keyword To 21600 ==> BBCWEEK

Daily Plan
Price==> N100
Send Keyword To 21600 ==> BBCDAY

1. BlackBerry 10 Plans
Service Validity ==> Monthly
Inclusive Data ==> 1.5GB
Price ==> N3,000
Activation Code ==> Text BBMAXIM to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*15#

2. BB10 Maxi
Service Validity ==> Weekly
Inclusive Data ==> 350MB
Price ==> N1,100
Activation Code ==> Text BBMAXIW to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*14#

B. Validity ==> Daily
Inclusive Data ==> 50MB
Price ==> N200
Activation Code ==> Text BBMAXID to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*13#

C. Validity ==> Monthly
Inclusive Data ==> 500MB
Price ==> N1,500
Activation Code ==> Text BBMIDIM to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*12

3. MTN BB10 Midi
Validity ==> Weekly
Inclusive Data ==> 125MB
Price ==> N550
Activation Code ==> Text BBMIDIW to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*11#

B. Validity ==> Daily
Inclusive Data ==> 15MB
Price ==> N100
Activation Code ==> Text BBMIDID to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*10#

C. Validity ==> Monthly
Inclusive Data ==> 260MB
Price ==> N1,000
Activation Code ==> Text BBLITEM to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*9#

4. BB10 Lite
Validity ==> Weekly
Inclusive Data ==> 70MB
Price ==> N350
Activation Code ==> Text BBLITEW to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*8#

B. Validity ==> Daily
Inclusive Data ==> 10MB
Price ==> N70
Activation Code ==> Text BBLITED to 21600
Activation Code (USSD)==> *216*7#


1. BBM Daily Plan
Inclusive Data Bundle ==> 5MB
Validity ==> 1 day
Price ==> NGN 25
Keyword to 21600 ==> BBMD

2. MTN BBM Weekly Plan
Inclusive Data Bundle ==> 25MB
Validity ==> 7 day
Price ==> NGN 100
Keyword to 21600 ==> BBMW

3. BBM Monthly Data Plan
Inclusive Data Bundle ==> 100MB
Validity ==> 30 day
Price ==> NGN NGN350
Keyword to 21600 ==> BBMM

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