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MTN 4G LTE Network : How to Activate MTN 4G on Smartphone

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MTN 4G LTE Network : How to Activate MTN 4G on Smartphone

Some moments ago we created a post GLO 4G LTE Data Plans where we taught our readers how to activate Glo 4G LTE Service on their android or i-phone devices that supports 4g LTE . We wrapped up the article by making sure we teach our readers how to achieve this task , right about now we want teach our readers about MTN 4G LTE Services and how it works on their mobile devices .

It no longer trending that MTN Nigeria has released their 4G LTE network just as Glo did . This MTN Nigeria 4G LTE is one hell of a network that is record breaking as it now the fastest network by Nigerian telecommunication networks like Glo, Mtn , Airtel and what have you . The normal network that we use to know is 3.5G or 3G networks but an upgrade has been done and the outcome of this upgrade is a supar fast internet called 4G LTE . Let us not forget that the essense of this article is to reveal to my readers the new MTN 4G LTE Services and how you can activate this  MTN 4G LTE on your Smartphone .

Apart from MTN and GLO , this 4G LTE network has been in existence for some years now . We use to have Swift 4G LTE , Sprectranet Swift 4G LTE , Smile 4G LTE and amongst others . Even recently , one new 4G LTE network was introduced but i can’t really recall the name of the network right now .

To activate the MTN 4G LTE service as a subscriber is not dificult , all you need to do is swap your SIM card for a compatible 4G sim card from any MTN office or outlet near you. However, it is very important you know that MTN 4G network currently run on Band 7 (2600mHz)  and you can easily confirm if your sim card and smartphone supports their 4G services by following the instructions below:

Text 4G to 131

You will get a message that look like this one you see after the jump and you will be able to know whether your device is compatible “Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4GLTE…”
mtn-4g-lte-messageWhen you comfirm that your mobile device is compatible with the MTN 4G service, visit any MTN service center near you and request for a SIM swap to 4G compatible sim .
Don’t leave here without sharing this article because there are millions of persons that need this information .

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  1. Rubbish just as slow as the 3g also, no different.


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