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Mr 2Kay Biography, Songs, Background & Net Worth


Mr 2Kay Biography 3

Let’s look at this Nigerian fast rising singer Mr 2Kay’s  biography, his net worth,state of origin, background as well as his songs. Well, most of you may not know this young man while some already know him. His full and real name is Abinye David Jumbo while is stage name as a musician is Mr 2Kay. The afrobeat sensation is from Port Harcourt and he is currently signed on to Grafton Records. He lost his father while he was still very young and was staying with his mother in her apartment in Port Harcourt where he grew up into a full adult that is capable of husting and putting food on his mother’s table, getting to a point after he has strated his musical career, he had to hawk foodstuff to support his single mum.

Mr 2Kay had to go to school but there was no enough funds to do that , at some point in his life, he got an admission into the University of Port Harcourt to study visual arts but had no other choice than to drop out and differed  the admission because of lack of funds . At this time he had to leave school and look for a job so that he and his single mother could feed well. He was forced by punury to return to his home town bonney island where he got a job at the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Project so that he could raise fund for to further his education.

While he was going through all this funds constraint he had already notice that he can sing very well. He was able to raise some money but wasn’t enough to further his education but he had to do something,  at this time he finally made up his mind to pursue his dream career and he was so furtunate as he was picked up by Grafton Records because his potential was very clear and determined to stay.

Within 2011 and 2012 when he released his debut album which he  titled waterside boy. a ground breaking single from the waterside boy collection he became the most talked about artiste within the south south region and was nominated as the Next rated artiste at the Niger delta Advancement awards. All this happpened after his accessment as his future was calculated to be bright.

In October 2012, the afrobeat sensation was selected from the hord of musicians by the organisers of Nigerian carnival UK to represent the south south Nigerian in a performance in London. They happened because of one reason and it was because they believed in him. He made a lot of money and decided to embark on charity organisation where he use to give out food stuff to the needy and destitudes. This young man has performed in so many big stages with other big artists like 2face Idibia, Timaya and lots of other big name in the Nigerian Music Industry

His songs include

  1. Summer Girl which he released in 2015
  2. Don’t Leave Me 2014
  3. Bad Girl 2015
  4. Bubugaga Remix 2014

Mr 2kay’s net worth is not known as at the time of creating this post because enough information has not been gathered about him. We have intentions to seat close to him one day and have a brief chat with this young man sooner than later. I also know that many people are interested in his age but due to the limited information he have about him we don’t have that at the moment but this post will be updated as soon as new information about him unfolds.

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