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10 Most Populated Cities / States In Nigeria 2017

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Most Populated Cities / States In Nigeria 2016 / 2017

Nigeria is one of the most populated country in Africa and inside this Nigeria there are 36 states with different local Government under all them respectively . There are 36 states in Nigeria but which of them has the highest population , this question takes us to another toipc we are going to be lookig at this munite ” Top Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2017/2017 .

We didn’t just wake up one morning and decide we want to write an article on the Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2017/2017 there is a cogent reason behind the creation of this educative article . Some weeks ago not up to three weeks to be precise a fan placeds a call to my cell phone trying to find out from me the Most Populated Cities In Nigeria and at that point i was not able to tell him any thing other than call be back tomorrow . I asked him to call me thw next day so that i would have some time to dig on it properly before altering a word . As usual my team and i went on a research in an attempt to know the Most Populated Cities In Nigeria .

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After some days of research we were able to make a resolution  but it actually took us some reasonable amount of time to get the information that served as a basis for judgement . THis figures here have been gathered from various sources showing Nigeria’s most populated cities. Well, this is an estimation.
The Nigerian States By Population

Lagos State is the most populated city in Nigeria and it has been like this for a very long time . Lagos is unarguably the most populous city in West Africa not just NIgeria infact . Our recent 2016 estimates puts the city’s population at 21,000,000.

Did you know that Kano which is a city in Kano state is the second largest city in Nigeria as revealed by the last census conducted . Following the recent estimates by the state government Kano can be said have increased by almost a milion with 3,626,068, Our 2016 estimates puts the city’s population at 4,228,861 .

The third most populated state in Nigeria is Ibadan which is the capital city of Oyo State . At Nigerian independence, Ibadan was the largest and most populous state in the country and the third in Africa after Cairo and Johannesburg. Our 2016 estimates puts the city’s population at 4,000,000 .

Capital City of Nigeria was formally in Lagos State and it was later moved to Abuja , right now Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria . 2006 census revealed that it  population is 776,298, but our 2016 estimates puts the city’s population at 3,100,000 .

Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State, Nigeria. In 2006 , census revealed that Harcourt has a population of 1,382,592. But our 2016 estimates puts the state’s at  population 2,500,000.

6. ABA
Aba is a town known for  commercial activites and it is a region that is surrounded by small villages and towns. It 2016 population  was estimated to stand at 2,300,300 .

Benin City is located in Edo State , Nigeria . It is the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria and it is often called the ancient city of Benin because it is a place where the king is truely the king . The recent population estimate is 2,147,188 .

The census conducted in 2006 revealed that The population of Kaduna was at 760,084 but the recent one states that  the city’s population is put at  2,147,188 .

In the year 1991 , Ogbomosho population was approximately 645,000 and incase you don’t know it’s a city in Oyo State . The recent population estimates puts the city’s population at  1,900,000 .

Maiduguri is the capital city in Borno State Nigeria and it is said to be the largest city in the state as well . In the year 1991, census revealed that it population is 618,278 . The recent estimate says 1,800,000 .

As you can see a glance at some top 10 most populated states/cities in Nigeria, these are an estimate best on my research of 2016/2017 but i will keep this post updated in more feature time.

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