Most Popular Websites In Nigeria 2015/2016 Top 5


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Most Popular Websites In Nigeria 2015/2016 Top 5 (Most Visited)

These days, having your site listed among the most popular website in Nigeria whether year 2015 or 2016 is like bringing a dead man back to life but the truth is that it is achievable if you are that hard working , constistent and patient type . Many of the most Most Popular Websites in Nigeria didn’t just wake up one morning and see their sites apearing on page one of google search result , they worked their a sses out as if they want to die for years before they were able to make it come true .

I will not decieve you just to make you feel happy and have that unnecessary hope and relief that won’t help you , to make it to the top 10 or 20 of the most visited websites in any country takes a great deal of hard work, strategy and investment . The hard work comes in form of many sleepless night then you have to be very strategic in writing as well as your SEO optimization aspect and lastly you have to invest on your website . Don’t be afriad to spend money on your websites becuase in time to come that money you spent will come nback to your pocket in million folds . It will be goten back during your harvest period ; i guess you understand what i meant with the word ”Harvest ” . One of the challenge that bloggers / website owners face today is the issue of same niche and similar, almost identical contents . Because of this similar content on many websites , it means that there is a lot of competition for favorable ranking on Google as well as other popular search engines like Bing , Yahoo and .

Top Five Most Popular Sites In Nigeria for 2015/2016 (Most Visited)

Despite the simple fact that this website is a forum you can’t stripe it off it crown , is not just the Most Popular Sites In Nigeria  but also the most visited website in Nigeria with unthinkable numbers of registered users . Everyday , millions of new visitors come to the site and it topics and categories covers all aspects of website niche  ranges  Politics, Crime, Romance, Jobs/Vacancies, Career, Business, Investment, NYSC, Education, Autos, Car Talk, Properties, Health, Travel, Family, Culture, Religion, Food, Diaries, Nairaland Ads, Pets, Agriculture …Entertainment: Jokes Etc, TV/Movies, Music/Radio, Celebrities, Fashion, Events, Sports, Gaming, Forum Games, Literature …Science/Technology: Programming, Webmasters, Computers, Phones, Art, Graphics & Video, Technology Market .

The website was founded by  Oluwaseun Osewa in the year 2005 and it has since recorded supersonic growth speeds . It global rank on Alexa  is 907 .

I still remeber some years ago when was still springing up and as at then it was not very famous and was only known by some few internet addicted folks who love shopping online . Fast farword to the year 2015 and 2016 , is the second most popular website in Nigeria . As far as Nigeria is concern , is Nigeria number one online shopping mall with alot of registered users and also getting new visitors everyday . This online shopping mall is where you can visit anytime to order for anything you need . You might be wondering why i said anything , Jumia.Com.Ng sells a wide range of commodities online including home appliances , consumable goods , clothing , cosmetic just name them . This websites was founded in 2012 and has been springing up faster and faster . It has other competitors like Konga and Kemu …

3. Lindaikejisblog.Com
If you are that person that love staying online and reading latest updates on blogs , you would agree with me that it is impossible for someone to name 5 most popular or most visited blogs or websites in Africa without naming Lindaikejisblog.Com . Her name is Linda Ikeji , she is the mother of bloggers in Africa , she is also the richest blogger in Africa . If you tell me you don’t know about this lady then you definitely need a spank in the face .

4. Naij.Com
This website called Naij.Com is occyping the number four spot on our list , they came from no where to dominate everywhere in Africa . This website is the most hyped blog is Nigeria and it advertisment is very massive with no other website to compete with them . You can hardly find any body that doesn’t like this website on facebook , their facebook followers is like a massacre because it number of followers massive . This website was launched in 2010 and it niche is known to deliver fresh updates on news coverage, music,  job, games, events ,weather, jokes etc.

5. Nairabet.Com
Some poeple would have prefered  Vanguard News ( to be on this spot bet we are judging from recent growth . If you know this website very well you would understand why i gave it this spot . I don’t need to persuade you to know that betting websites are no jokes these days because it recieve huge number of visitors day and night owning to the fact that most Nigerian youth make a living from staking of football matchs . Nairabet.Com is the first sport betting website in Nigeria before other once came into being . It was  launched in 2009 and was massively hyped on radio , TV and even went as far as sponsoring 2014 FIFA world cup on DSTV . It ambassadors including Skuki and Phyno .

There are other popular websites in Nigeria but they couldnt make the top 5 list . See them after the jump :

1. Konga.Com .. 2. Olx.Com.Ng .. 3. Naijaloaded.Com.Ng ..4. Jobberman.Com ..5. Punchng.Com.. 6. ..  7. and many of them .


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