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Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2017 May Ranking


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Despite the high cost of getting the best education in Nigeria, most wealthy Nigerian parents are not giving up as they still go as far as giving their children the best education available in Nigeria . This topic of today will be focusing on the Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria the updated 2017 list.

There are several expensive secondary schools in Nigeria today that can beat their chest in the aspect of offering quality education for their students. Most poor Nigerian parents are not interesting in knowing the Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria because they can’t afford it but if they want to know them it is for one simple reason, that is for knowing sake. They have phobia for this expensive institution because they can’t keep up with the high tuition. The only people that put their children in these expensive secondary schools in Nigeria are the wealthy parents especially the politicians .

Some of these politicians would even prefer to send their children abroad to school there but for the other once that want their children to school here in Nigeria , they will always prefer to go with the most expensive secondary school because they have the best facilities that help children in learning fast. Never the less, there are also regular secondary schools with cheap tuition fees in Nigeria that could still offer quality education, people don’t really trust them because they are yet to attain that standard where they will be rated among the best. Without wasting your time, i bring before you the Top 10 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2017 ranking. By the way, the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria is Corona Secondary School, Agbara and their tuition fee is N2.55million.

1. Corona Secondary School, Agbara 

Tuition Fee – N2.55million

2. Hillcrest School located, Jos#

Tuition Fee – N2.65 million

3. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja

Tuition Fee – N2.8 million

4. Meadow Hall, Lagos

Tuition Fee – N3 million

5. Greensprings School

Tuition Fee – N3.185 million

6. Whiteplains British School, Abuja

Tuition Fee – N3.6 million

7. Day Waterman College, Abeokuta

Tuition Fee – N3.7 million

8. Lekki British International High School, Lagos

Tuition Fee – N4 million

9. British International School, Lagos

Tuition Fee – N4.48 million

10. Grange School, Lagos

Tuition Fee – N4.5 million

11. Lead British International School, Abuja

Tuition Fee – N1.5million

12. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja

Tuition Fee – N1.6million

13. International Community School, Abuja

Tuition Fee – N1.9million

14. Dowen College

Tuition Fee – N2million

15. Chrisland College, Ikeja

Tuition Fee – N2 million

16. Atlantic Hall, Epe, Lagos

Tuition Fee – N2.27 million

These are the highly rated secondary schools in Nigeria 2017 .

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