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FULL NAME : Mercy Aigbe Gentry
DATE OF BIRTH : Born on the 1st of January, 1979
FAMILY : Mercy is married with two children and three stepdaughters
OCCUPATION :  Nollywood actress, movie director and businesswoman
HUSBAND :  Lanre Gentry
EDUCATION : Attended a Polytechnic at and obtained an OND in Financial Studies , also went to University of Lagos for a degree in Theater Arts in 2001 .

Mercy Aigbe Gentry Biography- Net Worth- Wedding – Movies

Today, we are going to be discussing the biography of one of the most sought after actresses in Nigeria , Mercy Aigbe Gentry . She happens to be involved in three branches of buisnesses including acting , directing and  business . Mercy Aigbe Gentry  was born on the 1st of January, 1979 and she is a second child in a family of five at Edo State, Nigeria . She managed to obtain a degree in a Polytechnic at Ibadan and went to seek admission into the University to further her education .

In 2001, she got admission into the prestigious University of Lagos where she also obtained a degree in Theater Arts adding it to the one she bagged in a Polytechnic at Ibadan . After obtaining those certificates , she decided to start her hustle officially as she went into acting . Things was a little bit complicated for her as her father kicked against her acting career because he was of the feelings that she won’t make it in that foray . Mercy was very determined to become an actress which make her pursue her acting career leaving behind her father’s opinion and her decision made her who she is today .

Mercy Aigbe Gentry is now one of the top notch Nollywood actress today but we tend to forget that she started her acting career  in soap operas before going into Yoruba movies. She didn’t start her career in a smooth way as there was some challenge she face but thank God she was able to skale through those hard times . When she started acting , she didn’t get any movie role and she decided to start at the grass root by acting in soap operas . After identifying with soap operas  for some time then she finally broke into Yoruba movies and from there she started getting more scripts from Yoruba movie producers, she found her calling in the Yoruba movie industry.

At some point , Mercy Aigbe got married to her current husband , Lanre Gentry and there was news making round that she snatched him from his ex- wife . Mercy Aigbe later opened up on the issue revealing that she didn’t snatched him from his wife but as at the time they started dating , Lanre Gentry (now her husband) was still with his former wife but they were already seperated .

talking about Mercy Aigbe wedding and marital life , she has been married twice. she got married the first time and later walked out of the marriage . She later revealed that her mother in-law was behind the marriage clash as she wanted her son to marry a lady from their tribe and didn’t want him to marry someone from another tribe .

Mercy has interest in fashion business and her fashion style is a regular presence on social media . Her social media page is filled with her tast of fashion style, she is one of the well dressed Nollywood diva which makes you  wonder if she is an actress or a fashion designer . Maybe the fashion drive is because of the fact that she own a fashion boutique .

Mercy Aigbe has been featured on some spectacular movies and some of these movies are Igberaga (2009), Satanic Afefe ife (2008) , Okanjua (2008) ,Ihamo (2009), Atunida leyi (2009), Iró funfun (2009) Ìpèsè (2009) and many more .

Awards And Achievements

1. She won the Best Actress in Yoruba award at the City People Awards held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State,
2. Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba) (2014),
3. Best Actress in a supporting Role (yoruba) (2010),
4. Best Actress in an Indigenous Movie Nomination (non-English speaking language) (2012),
5. City People Entertainment Yoruba Movie Personality of the year (2015)
Mercy Aigbe Gentry net worth is estimated at N85 Milion


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