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Marvis Nkpornwi Biography -(Big Brother Naija) Age & Net Worth


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Her real name is  Marvis Nkpornwi but  popularly called  Marvis and simply addressed as Marvis . Marvis Nkpornwi is Nigerian rapper,model, actress who rose to fame after her participation in the coveted Big Brother Naija 2017. The slim lady original hails from River State located in southern part of Nigeria.

Marvis Nkpornwi was in  born 1997, into a royal family consisting of 21 children and the is the 11th child in the extended family. She graduated from the University some years ago and she read Mass Communication . The graduate is royalty of her tribe Onne from Eleme.

Last time we checked, Marvis is single and her last  relationship ended because she couldn’t handle the long-distance and they quarreled a lot. Meanwhile fans has been pleading and urging her to marry her former BBN housemate Ejeba Efe Micheal , who  emerged the winner of the highly rated reality television show. When they were still in Big Brother Naija 2017 house, Marvis Nkpornwi and Efe was found of each other as they will never leave each others presence. As a result of this compactness  , fans came out straight at them as they suggest they get married .

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In a recent chat, the gorgeous lady revealed that her pet peeve is disrespect and it gets her really angry. “I’ve never been in fights; I’ll finish you with my mouth.” “I attended Princess International College and Levinda College and i graduated from Madonna university where i read Mass Communication”.

Marvis is a huge fan of Basketball but she doesn’t play because she is not fit for the sport. She is not in any relationship at the moment , she ended the previous one because she couldn’t handle the long-distance and they quarreled a lot.

This Biography of former BBN housemate Marvis Nkpornwi is under update, if you are close to her and know some things about her that could add to this biography then use the comment box to get it to us.

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