List of Illuminati Members In Nigeria: Nigerian Musicians & Pastors



List of Illuminati Members In Nigeria: Nigerian Musicians & Pastors : Illuminati Members In Nigeria: Nigerian Celebrities, Musicians, Pastors Who are Speculated to be Members of The Secret Society

In time past, Illuminati use to be a myth to most Nigerians because no Nigerian person was part of it . But just recently there are rumors going around that several Nigerian celebrities especially musicians and pastors are members of this constantly talked about Illuminati secret society .

Because of this topic , we did a little digging on church of Satan also called Illuminati and it is reasonable for you to know little about how it came about . The church of Satan was founded on April 30, 1966 by Anton Szandor Lavey. Illuminati is a church founded on the belief that Satan should be worshipped and not an outcast banned from heaven as he truly is. The church of Satan members in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world opine that the devil represents pride, freedom and liberty. According to revelations , we understood that they normally use Satanic bible and believe in it.

Illuminati members are occult worshipper who worships the horned god. When it comes to discussion that has something to do with Illuminati , Nigerian are interested about it .

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There are alot of persons who believe that church of Satan members are in Nigeria and it is very difficult to see the church of Satan members in Nigeria because their name is not revealed anywhere . We have heard from some sources that alot of people from Nigeria are members of church of Satan/ Illuminati . Funny enough , there are thousands and millions of people who are interested in joining this church of Satan and they will keep saying “I want to be a member of church of Satan”. My advise for them is that money is not everything and before you leap don’t forget you can’t carry money along with you to your grave when you are dead.

One thing you should always at the back of your mind is that devil doesn’t give you anything for free you have to pay with something else that you cherish most . There are rumors that some popular Nigerian artists and pastors have links with Illuminati and the church of Satan. There is no concrete evidence that these people are really members of Illuminati but rumor suggested it .

There are some Nigerian celebrities who are believed to be members of Illuminati but there is no official comfirmation of this rumor. The only way by which the speculations can be confirmed is if we have any release from Illuminati stating names of some Nigerians as their official members. We are going to be listing some famous paople in Nigeria who are tossed arround as Illuminati members .

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List of Speculated illuminati Members in Nigerian
This names we have here hasn’t been comfirmed

1. Charly Boy
2. D’banj
2. Peter Okoye
4. Davido
5. Wizkid
6. Late Goldie Harvey
7. TB Joshua
8. Late Dagrin
9. Tu Face Idibia

This names were not suggested by Nigerian Info Box Blog rather it was listed out by our readers

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  1. how are you guys they’re in illuminati?

  2. was p square part of illuminatic forum


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