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How To Clear Error Codes on GOtv : 2 Methods

The most comfortable things in life also have their bad side GOtv Nigeria share thesame fate with this saying .  GOtv Nigeria is one of the best paid satelite Tv service in Nigeria but one of the problem it have is the e16 Error Codes it faces most of the time but not constant because mine has not encounter such problem.

Recently we created an article where we revealed GOtv Nigeria contact details including their customer care help line numbers , official website, facebook page, twitter page and what have you . Today , we are out with another topic that is of help to all GOtv users in Nigeria and Africa at large . This article will focus on teaching my readers how to clear error codes on their Gotv . If you have experience such problem before with your gotv dish give me your attention and if you also Gotv user and you haven’t encounter such problem give me your attention still because you never can tell as you might have your own bad experience packaged for you in the future .

To clear your Error Codes on GOtv is so simple as long as you give me your undivided attention as we do this together . I will teach you two good ways to clear Error Codes on your GOtv , the first one is where you use  the Text Message method or you do it on this Website (http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/wap) . Infact, the website method is more easier to complete compared to the first method.

FIRST METHOD: Text Message Method

Use the mobile number you used in registering GOtv during purchase to send the IUC Number you found under your GOtv decoder to 4688( This IUC Number is red label)
*Send RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688

Take a look at the example after the jump

RESET 5903229111 to 4688 (assuming 5903229111 is your IUC Number)


With an internet enabled mobile phone or personal computer visit this portal @ http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/wap/  . Assuming this portal has opened, select your country and click the “clear error code” . After clicking the “clear error code” you would have to login to specify the error you intend to clear . Once you find the error code you want to clear then click the clear icon and you are done.

As simple as that . Once you do this your GoTV will come back to life .


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