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Korede Bello Biography , Songs & Net Worth


Korede Bello

This is the official Biography of Korede Bello and it is brought to you by Nigerianinfobox.com.ng . Just like yesterday , Korede Bello was still struggling to make name for himself but let’s look at him today he is that Nigerian artiste that need no introduction and he is ladies choice . Fast forward to 2016 Korede Bello is now one of the biggest name in the Nigerian music and entertainment industry, he is also part of one of Nigeria’s biggest music record labels, Mavin Records founded by don Jazzy .

Korede Bello was born on the 29th of February, 1996 in Lagos State, Nigeria. The ace musician graduated from  the Nigerian Institute of Journalism studying mass communication , he has graduated at the time creating this article . He started singing while he was still in primary school and he would find time to compose music when there is no teacher in the classroom . He composed his first song while he was still in primary school and as at then , he was  in a music group . When he started getting some money from his parents , he would go to the studio to record songs . As time goes on he started developing himself and building himself for the future because he intentions was to be a professional musician  .

While in school , he will always participated in social activities such as acting,dancing and even singing competitions and represents his school in so many occasions . When he got into secondary school ,things got better for him because he had already developed all the stractegies of singing and this time it was a different ball game for him . At this point things was much more better for him and he was busy writing songs , his career got more professional and matured . Korede Bello was always visiting studio for songs recording and as God would have it , his parents where in full support for him to become a musicians because they believed in him that he knows what is he doing . At this point his father bought him a guitar and even paid for his studio sessions which signifies his full support .

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Korede Bello  released a song called ‘Forever’ and people loved it , someone loved the song and introduced it to Don Jazzy’s friends. They listened to the song and they were really impressed by the talent and promising career he had . They were forced to  introduce him to Don Jazzy himself . Don jazzy invited them to the studio with his manager, Casmir, they recorded some couple of songs and that was all it took . After the songs was finally cooked , Don baba listened to the joints and he was really impressed and what later happened ? Don Jazzy signed the small boy and the small boy is now a biggi man because blessing follow the small boy .

Korede was finally signed under Mavin Records by the record C.E.O , Don Jazzy  on February 28 2014. Since then  he  has been able to  release several beautiful songs including “African Princess.” which featured donjazzy which was his debut single . His biggest hit that pushed  him to standom is “GodWin” a song classified to be semi gospel and semi pop by fans and even performed it in the church .

Korede Bello Net Worth

Korede Bello net worth is currently around $400 thousand dollars.

Full Name: Korede Bello
Stage Name: Korede Bello
Korede Bello Net Worth: $400,000
Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Singer And Songwriter

Korede Bello’s Awards & Achievements

Korede Bello won Indigenous & Revelation of the Year.Tush All Youth Awards 2011
Korede Bello won Most Wanted Artiste, Hype Award 2012.
Korede Bello won R ‘N’ B SINGLE (Male) Yem Awards 2012.
Young Promoter of Cultural Heritage, The Gong Africa News Magazine 2012.

Korede Bello’s Endorsements
Korede Bello  signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with popular telecom company GLO . This deal was sealed on the 1st of July 2015 .

Things You Didn’t Know About Korede Bello

1. The singer was born on the 29th of February 1996 in Lagos State , Nigeria .
2. He grew up listening to different music that was enjoyed by his parents .
3. He formed his first music group while he was still in primary 6
4. He started singing right from his primary school days .
5. He was only seven years old when he stepped on stage for performance.
6. His parents supported his idea to become a musician
7. Korede Bello studied Mass Communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism .

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