Juliet Ibrahim partners with NGO to assist victims affected by flood in Benue state

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She isn’t just doing it alone as she is collaborating with another organization, Education as a Vaccine (EVA). She made this know during her visit on September 16, 2017, to the IDP Camp at the International Market and Akor, one of the communities that were flooded.


She Said “I’ve once lived as a refugee and I have experienced a flood on a movie set in Ghana, so I know how people struggle to survive during this period. Lives have been lost and many families have lost everything. Things are not the same for them again”,

Among those who have gone the “good Samaritan” way towards the plight of the flood victims is Made Men Music Group C.E.O Ubi Franklin.



  1. Such kind hearted person, if only the others can reason like that

  2. Very nice of her


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