Jaywon Thinks Eedris Abdulkareem Has No Right To Criticize Artistes With Babymamas

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Jaywon has reacted to an Eedris Abdulkareem interview where the veteran called out artistes like Wizkid and Davido for having children outside wedlock.


he said no one should blame anyone until they can walk in the person’s shoes which is impossible. He also said since you don’t know what the other person is going through, you can’t judge the person fairly.

Recall that Eedris Abdulkareem recently voiced his own thoughts on the babymama syndrome in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

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  1. whatever joor

  2. As much as I don’t support the idea of having a babymama and equally refuse to subscribe to Jaywon’s talk of being in someone’s shoes.
    These guys did not have babymamas by accident, they knew sex leads to pregnancy and there are ways to prevent such occurrence.
    I just think Eedris Abdulkareem is pained that the industry moved on while he was asleep and now he needs something to at least be relevant. Hence the attack on everybody. Little wonder he did not attack Iceberg slim, Dr Sid, Kayswitch or some people with inexistent careers, rather he went for 2face, WizKid, Davido

  3. Mtcheeeeeeew

  4. He has no right at all and I think he should mind his business

  5. They are not into that at their time

  6. He should learn her to mind his business


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