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Richest States in Nigeria 2016 The Top 5

Loading... Updated: Richest States in Nigeria 2016/2017 The Top 5 In our subsequent post not really the last post though , we discussed the poorest states in Nigeria and clearly point out the richest state in Nigeria . We did justice to the topic fully and we made it very explicit on how we arrived at facts regarding the ranking. Today, we want to look into the top five (5) richest states in Niger...[Read More]

Poorest States in Nigeria 2016 The Top 10

Loading... Poorest States in Nigeria 2016 The Top 10 Africa is a very large continent and in it we have several rich and poor countries . We are going to be focusing on Nigeria in particular , that is because this is our interest on this discussion . Nigeria is a country that is blessed with several natural resources , mineral resources among which crude oil is the most important resources that th...[Read More]

Richest Nigerian Footballers 2016 Top 5 [Highest Paid]

Loading... Richest Nigerian Footballers 2016/2017 Top 5 [Highest Paid] It takes talent and passion to become a professional footballer . Nigerian youth are so passionate on becoming a footballer forgeting the fact that they have to possess the necessary skills and in addition built and develop new football skills to the existing ones that can take them to the height of their football career . The ...[Read More]

Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2016 (Nollywood)

Loading... Updated: Richest Actresses In Nigeria 2016/2017 (Nollywood) There are so many confusion on the internet as regards to the Richest/Highest Paid Actresses In Nigeria 2016/2017 and this incomprehensive , incomplete information is being posited by gullable minded people who don’t carry out proper research on who the richest Nigerian actress or actresses are . Today is our day of interventio...[Read More]

Nigerian Senator Salary Structure, How Much Nigerian Senators Earn

Loading... Nigerian politicians are no doubt the wealthiest people in Nigeria and in thesame vein, Nigerian Senator are among the richest people in Nigerian because of their fat salary . Despite the fact that we all know that this is true but most of us don’t know the exact salary that Nigerian Senator earn monthly or annually , that is why i bring this topic before you right now to reveal Nigeria...[Read More]

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